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03-31-2006, 06:50 PM
Got this kit off feebay. I'm building my first glider and my first laser-cut kit, a Pilot Sentosa electric glider, 1.5 meters (59.8 inches) standard tail. Some of the lightest balsa I have ever handled! I'm a scratch-builder and this laser cut stuff is a new experience for me. Seems pretty straightforward, though. Has any of you had experience with this model? Would this be better modified to have a centerwing spoiler panel for landing? I saw a fellow park flyer trying to land his 2 meter cermark and it really came in hot!! I plan to electrify it with stuff I have on hand - an eflite park 400 outrunner and lipo. Don't know what size folder I need for this. All up weight (this is an all balsa and ply model build) should be less than 2lbs. Box says 14 - 18oz, but we'll see about that. I tend to use more glue that I really need - it's a "belt and suspenders" thing.:p

Sky Sharkster
04-01-2006, 12:08 PM
Hi Flyranger, Welcome to the wonderful world of gliders! If this is your first glider I would say skip the spoilers for now; At this point it's a complexity you don't need. There will be other gliders down the line, especially if you get into 2m or larger ones that will be suitable for spoilers and can handle the added weight better. As far as landing "hot", that may just be your friends' style or maybe lack of experience. Gliders generally will float in gently, although they do float a long ways. He may have brought it in too high and decided to "bang" it down. Takes practice. Start your approach a lot farther out than you think you'll need, gliders almost never land "short". If you are short, rev it up for a few seconds and go around; You'll get it after a few tries.
I checked the E-Flite motor site, if you have the 3700 Kv 400 outrunner, they recommend prop sizes 9" x 7" to 12" x 6". For the 740Kv, 10" x 4.7" to 12" x 3.8". You can use the same size folder as recommended for fixed-blade. I'd guess a 10" x 6" or 11" x 5" for a start, the CAM series from Hobby-Lobby.com are good glider props. For 3-cell Lipos go with the smaller prop (10" x 6"). Make sure you get the same size hub (collet) as the prop-shaft diameter. Spinner size should be as close to the diameter of the nose as you can find.
Go easy on the glue; With the accuracy of laser-cutting, there's no reason to use more than a drop or two. Glue doesn't make strong joints; A good, tight fit does. If you make a fillet of glue around a joint, it will just break past the glue joint.
The Sentosa looks like a nice glider, you'll have fun flying it. Keep it simple and learn about e-gliding. It's fun, and if you treat the glider right it will last a long time!
Good Luck!

04-01-2006, 04:34 PM
Thanks for the info, sky sharkster. This will be my seventh electric plane, but my first glider. Three of my planes were scratchbuilt from plans, but sport and old-timer models, not gliders. The wing (w/o covering) weights 2.5oz! Jeez, that's light. The center section has a spruce spar, the outer polyhedral panels have balsa spars joined with ply reinforcers. Because I am a "tweaker", I have to hold myself back from making changes before I have some experience with this plane!! Will continue to build it stock and see what happens. Thanks for the prop info. Still waiting for the ESC I won off feebay 20 days ago - had to file a claim because the guy never shipped my ESC. Will check into hobbylobby as you suggested. My wife saw the wing and said "Is that electric too?" I said yeah, but solar power keeps it up (hopefully).