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peter davis
08-18-2005, 02:17 PM
hi there .
I have been flying my albatros glider for about two years and would like to change to brushless motor , esc , and li po batteries .
the glider has 2 metre wingspan ,weight is 1280 gramms or 45 ozs , it has a speed 600 motor , 8 inch folding prop and 7 cell nicad 1300 mah batteries and is very underpowered .
After reading lots of confusing information, I'm thinking of using himax HA2825 - 5543 brushless , phoenix 60 amp esc , 12 x 8 folding prop and 3s 2100 mah li po batteries . Is this somwhere near the mark , or can someone offer other suggestions :confused: thanks Peter

08-18-2005, 06:03 PM

I'm not fimilar with the Himax motors but I could recommend the Jeti 30/3 or MEga 30/3 motors with a 13 x 7 or 14 x 7 on your 7 cell cp1300s'. It will pull around 35 amps and 39 amps respectively. I have flown these using a jeti 40 amp controller and never had a problem. You can also run 10 cell cp1300 with the 13 x 7 prop and kepp it right at 40 amps.

It will climb well. The KV of these motors is about 1100 rpm/volt. If the himax is close to this it may work as well.

Hope this helps.

Ernie S.

08-25-2005, 04:58 PM
For your weight, I would go with an AXI 2808/24 w Jeti 30 amp. With a 11x7 folder you can expect 28 amps wot. A 2000ma SHD 15c 11.1V.
This will take your plane vertical if you can hang on.
Climb out is about 20 seconds to altitude...It will climb with authority at 1/2 throttle
Good luck,

08-26-2005, 07:59 AM
Hi Peter,
I am doing the exact same thing.
Contact Justin at Hobby Lobby.
He is most helpful

09-13-2005, 12:41 AM
My two meter gliders, one of which is a swift, 45 oz. uses a axi 2820-10 on
8,1300 scr nicads, 11/7 prop. excelent climb! You could use 8-9-10 cells or
2100/15c 3/s lipos.

12-17-2005, 04:13 PM
Peter, before spending a lot of money on it consider adding a redrive and larger prop to the S600. Once I did this with my old Windstar 2 meter, it was an entirely new experience- with triple the climb rate!!!

The S600 is a heavy beast- but cheap- and without the benefit of a redrive it is hopeless and frustrating getting high with it- which led me to add heavier batteries to grind away longer- the wrong way to go!.

Once you do this you might consider a lighter battery pack since you wont need to crank for 5 minutes just to get to altitude once, and the weight reduction will improve your sink rate tremendously and further improve the climb.

Adding a relatively cheap redrive and larger prop (depending on the gearing) to what you already have is the single most cost effective way to improve your climbrate.

Best of luck to you,

PS: If you take the plunge- I had good luck with a Phasor 15/4 and a 30 amp Jeti ESC using 2 2,000maH Kokam 3 cell lipo packs paralled. I used a HL aluminum redrive that is very strong but heavy and ran a 14" folder.

I chose the Marathon HT200 watt outrunner from HL with a 14" prop for my Bird of Time convert and use an 8 cell NIMH for it since my big 2aH 3 cell lipo pair are in a Queen Bee with a Phasor 15/4 8x6 direct. 200 watts is a healthy climb that can be kept light. I like the outrunner's lightness, efficiency and power with no gear losses.

There are too many new motors for me to advise you there- but one thing will not change- keep it light if you want to soar well. Hotliners are a rocket ride but they are lead sleds, no longer a slow floaty glider, more of a projectile perfect for higher wind days than retaining the glider's light wind thermal soaring characteristics. I wondered why my Windstar never seemed to stay in light lift- it sank out of it with 10 3,000 maH batteries aboard. Seriously, EVERYTHING is lighter than a Speed600 and big Nicad/NIMHs!

Lipos will change how you fly. They are deep and light- a very good thing for climbing high and staying there! They deserve a motor that doesnt throw away half the power they provide.

I use Kokams exclusively simply because they continue to work well. Everything else I tried quickly self destructed in known good aircraft that I had energized for many hours of frisky flight with my big Ks that never complained.