View Full Version : Watt Age P-47D anyone fly this?

04-07-2006, 08:13 PM
I got the Watt Age P-47D bubble top cockpit plane a couple of months ago and it's still under my bed waiting to be built(mainly because my E-Flite Jug is still flying). It looks great and seams will built. So I 'm looking for feedback on this plane before I start putting it together. any suggestions would be great ,thanks. http://hoppypeople.net/gallery/128449.asp

Sky Sharkster
04-08-2006, 02:53 AM
Hi Crash9, Welcome to the Warbirds! I'll start by saying I don't own either of the P-47's you mentioned but I do have a suggestion.
If you take a look at the specs for both the models and compare, the Wattage recommendation for powerplant seems too small;
Wattage P 47
Wing Span 41.75"
Length 38.5"
Wing Area 275 Sq. In.
Weight 27-30 Oz

E-Flite P 47
Wing Span 39"
Length 32"
Wing Area 260 Sq. In.
Weight 21-26 Oz.
Now the Wattage model is bigger in every dimension and about 15% heavier. Yet they recommend a "400" motor and E-Flite uses a "480"!
So, my point is, start with a "480" (not a "400") and go from there. I don't know of any 27-30 ounce Warbirds that are using a "400". It's just not enough thrust. It may fly, but barely. Look for motors with more than 25 ounces of thrust, closer to 30 would be reasonable.
Even a geared "480" is going to be working pretty hard with a model this size. What are you using in the E-Flite P-47? You will need at least that much power or more. If you want to go for a brushless motor, there are quite a few out there but with brushed motors the basic "400. 500, 600" sizes are about it and by the time you add up a "480" plus a quality gearbox you could almost get a B/L outrunner! Anyway, that's my .02$.

04-08-2006, 07:19 PM
Thanks Ron, what you said makes alot of sence. I have the Park 480 outrunner that I use to use in my E-Flite P-47 until I switched it to the Himax 2816-0890 outrunner. It had plenty of extra power in that plane. I have to hand it to Watt Age on this one, as I'm looking at here on my bench it really is built very will not like that AT-6 Texan I got from them (waste). I found with Watt-Age half there stuff is junk and the other half is top of the line.