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Sky Sharkster
04-08-2006, 12:23 PM
ALFA Model, distributed by Hobby Lobby and others, has announced the newest addition to their "Warbird" series, the F4F "Wildcat". Specs;
Wingspan 32-3/4"
Length 24-1/2"
Wing Area 193.8 Square inches
Max. Weight 15.2 Ounces
Controls E/A/T
The recommended power unit is a "Speed 280" with an MP Jet 3.75:1 G.B. There are further upgrades listed, a "300" with MPJ 5:1, MPJ AC 25/25-26, MPJ AC 28/7 30D, MEGA RC 400/15/5 and the AXI 2208/26.
The model shown in the photos is finished in medium/light gray (upper/lower) not the dark blue/light gray used on the "Corsair". It also has the circle/star insignia without "bars" and has the "Flag" bars on the rudder.
Hobby Lobby does not list this model yet, it should be available soon.
Also on the ALFA site, under "R+D" they show a new P-47D "Thunderbolt" (razorback version) and the Chance Vought V-173, also known as the "Flying Flapjack" which may or may not be, the world's first 3D aircraft. There's a short video of the "F.F." flying in what looks like a fairly stable manner, consecutive loops, rolls, a short burst of inverted flight and a decent landing.
Next up on the "new stuff" list, is the Ultrafly P-51D "Mustang". What, another 'Stang"? Well, this one has a couple of additions that set it apart from the usual foamie-ARF bunch. It is all-foam construction, one-piece wing, vac-formed cowl, gun mounts, exhaust stacks, canopy. Wheels, 2 decal sheets, Instruction manual. Two-piece retracts included, B/L Outrunner included. The motor is listed as a Frio-E-Series Outrunner. Specs;
Wingspan 36.6"
Length 31.3"
Wing Area 210.8 Square Inches
Weight 22.9 Ounces
Wing Loading 18.1 Ounces/Square/Foot
Requires 4-6 micro servos, 25A ESC (Minimum)
Two 6" servo extensions, battery, charger, etc.
U.S. Price $99.00. Contact for S+H.
So many planes, so little time!

04-09-2006, 11:36 PM
nice find Ron....love the FF!.

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06-04-2006, 08:17 AM
Flapjack? Nah. Didja see the Beaufighter? Me want!


06-04-2006, 02:13 PM
Love my F4F Wildcat - it is an amazing plane!

I could not be happier with it's looks and flight performance.