View Full Version : Dr Chang, Chinese Sex Therapist

04-08-2006, 09:58 PM
A woman was very distraught over the fact that she had not had a date or
> any sex for over 5 years. She was afraid there might be something wrong
> with her, so she decided to seek the medical expertise of the well >known
> Chinese sex therapist, Dr. Chang.
> Upon entering the examination room, Dr. Chang said, "OK, take off all >your
> crose."
> The woman did as she was told.
> "Now, get down and craw reery, reery fass to odderside of room."
> Again, the woman did as she was instructed.
> Dr. Chang then said, "OK, now craw reery, reery fass back to me."
> As she did, Dr. Chang shook his head slowly. "Your probrem vewy bad. >You
> haf Ed Zachary Disease. Worse case I ever see. Dat why you not hafsex >or
> dates."
> The
> woman asked anxiously, "Oh my God, Dr. Chang, what is Ed Zachary >disease?"
> Dr. Chang sighed deeply and replied, "Ed Zachary Disase is when your >face
> look Ed Zachary like your ass."