View Full Version : Squirt 400 for AP

04-10-2006, 10:03 AM
Hi fellow AP'ers

I was wondering if anyone has tried using an Aerostevens Squirt 400 for AP. I currently have a Canon S410 (185 gr. / 6.5 oz.) which I would like to fit to this plane. Has anyone tried doing this already?

The set up for the Squirt would be a brushless Himax 2808-0985 with a TP 2S 1350 mha. Do you think this motor/battery/plane combo would be able to pull the Canon S410?

I very much look forward to hearing about your thoughts and/or results.



04-11-2006, 01:26 AM
Hi Lucs,
I tried a few flights with my SQuiRT 400 a disposable camera (4oz?). I quickly concluded that the SQuiRT is a poor choice for this--as soon as I cut power to take a picture the glide rate was very steep and I was kept quite busy trying to aim the camera. SQuiRT is very short coupled and has huge dihedral, and with only rudder control as soon as you try to level the wings, it is pointing in a new direction. I had much easier time using other 3 channel speed400 planes like the mt models dandy or a mini-telemaster for AP.

That said, I'm considering getting the SQuiRT 700 and aileron wing for AP--this plane would hardly notice the camera. It could even be mounted inside the fuse if I felt like it.

And though you didn't ask, I love my SQuiRT for training and hotdogging! It's the only plane I am happy with a brushed stock 400 system. The 9 dollar can motor and an apc 7x4SF has all the power a plane like this needs. Good luck, Steve