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03-03-2011, 10:30 PM
On a .....motor prop calculator.... :) this setup looks good. 24 oz. RTF.

Each motor is 12 vdc..6 amp.. GWS RS 9 x 7 x 3 ..11.7 to 1

About 6 minutes at a continous WOT. Static thrust 19 oz. 38 mph.

I am using 4 Black & Decker A123...1100 mahr... cells.

I was sitting pretty low in the water with the stock motor/gearboxes & the B & D cells.

What are some of your weights RTF with similar mahr. lipos ?

03-05-2011, 07:07 PM
The plane wing is finished. Needs spackle drying & sanding.
Had to pull both stock servos. Too noisey. Lighter H-55s are in.

4 ...Black & Decker A123 cells of 1100mahr just makes the COG perfect when pushed against the front piece of the cocpit tray

Bad news is I DO weigh 27 oz. with the LIFEPO4 cells. 6 oz of dead weight.
I will straighten the antenna wire & run it from the back of the wing to the top of the vertical stabilizer. I have a 12" long 1/8" drill bit to drill a hole straight down to hide the last 7" of the antenna.

I am REALLY dinging the daylights out of the foam edges. More spackle...:ws:

Anybody getting Feigao 6 amp ESCs from somewhere ?

03-07-2011, 09:10 PM
Guan'Li makes several models, Cyclops2. I can't tell from your posts which model it is.
Attached is a picture of my Guan'Li seaplane, an Icon A5.

03-07-2011, 10:06 PM
Hi Lancer.

I am taking the 73 amendment. My age. :)
I am redoing my first PBY. It really was a bad QC job. All sealed up now.

That is a sharp looking plane !!

I really need to go to a site that has all of their planes to look at with the specs. also. I have all the GWS planes I want. I like props.

The motors are Hyperions 12 mm diameter 5980 KV on +12 vdc.
I am trying to find out if any of my ESCs can drive the tiny motor to 60,000 rpm. motor, gearbox & the 9 x 7 x 3 blade weigh .9 oz.

03-07-2011, 10:07 PM
It is a modern looking Seabee ! Neat.:)