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04-14-2006, 08:15 PM
I'm on the goodguy list on runryder, and also have positive feedback on rcgroups under the same username.

To start off, I've never flown this T-Rex, all of the electronics are brand new. I bought all of these things over time, so I've had a ton of time to check and recheck the setup of the bird, etc. Everything has been fine tuned and is ready for a pilot. I've made and installed many custom mounts to place the electronics at the best spot to eliminate electronic interference. All of the wires are tidily routed. I've taken great pride in this bird, and have just been homing my skills on a honeybee until I dare take this into the air. The reason I'm selling it is for the money. I don't have an unlimited income, and I'm gonna need some money in the next few weeks, so decided to sell. I'll no doubt return to the T-Rex scene in the future.

Now for the good part...

T-Rex 450XL HDE
Align 430L BL Motor
Align 35G ESC
Medusa 2amp 6volt BEC
GY-401 Gyro (with custom under boom mount)
3xHS-56 on the swash
Airtronics 94761Z Digital Servo on the tail
Futaba R146iP PCM Receiver

I've also installed:

Align Tail Reduction Gear with metal belt pulleys
MicroHeli Main Shaft Bearings
Shogun paddles and weights
Real Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
Align 325mm PRO Blades

I've also got some spares:

Main Rotor Block
3 Main Shafts
I will post pictures in a seperate post...

Best Offer

All you need is any Futaba transmitter (PCM Enabled), and a matching crystal for the receiver. I will consider selling without the receiver.


04-14-2006, 08:15 PM

Notice the ESC & BEC front Mount and Battery Extension Tray

Notice the Under-Boom Gyro...