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04-21-2006, 04:27 PM
:) I cut and pasted this. I was excited to see it. :)
Parkmite Micro Heli Kit w/o Electronics

Item # JRP9043

The JR® Parkmite™ is an ultra high-quality, CNC machined aluminum Micro RC Helicopter designed for the experienced modeler.

Features / Benefits:
· Precision CNC machined parts
· No upgrades needed—3D ready
· CCPM/Collective Pitch
· Belt-driven tail rotor
· Aluminum frame and motor mount
· Machined nylon drive gear
· Pre-finished canopy with decals


Length: 18.31”
Width: 3.35”
Height: 7.09”
Weight: 13-17oz
Main Rotor Diameter: 20.75”
Tail Rotor Diameter: 4.02”
Gear Ratio: 16:2:1:4.3
Bearings: Full


SPM2460 DX6 DSM 6CH Park Flyer w/4-S75
Electronic Speed Control (ESC): Castle Creations Phoenix-25 (CSEPHX25)
Electric Motor: E-Flite Park 370BL Inrunner (EFLM1000)
Motor Heat Sink (EFLM1911)
Battery Pack: LiPo 730mah: (THP7303SJPL)
Heading Lock Gyro: CSM 200 Lite or equivalent

04-22-2006, 01:58 AM
Thanks for the info Debbie :)
I was wondering when Horizon/JR would come out with a 400 class helicopter.. I just hope it is available before the snow comes back. It is melting fast now. Spring got here day before yesterday and it is 50 degrees out today and 0 wind woohoo! I am charging LiPo's now. It is sunny until 11:00pm.
Take care,