View Full Version : Need help with a wind for a GBx single

07-03-2011, 04:02 PM
I'd like to wind it for a 9 by 5 on 3S for an 8oz AUW foamie.

I found the GBx Calculator Form and it suggested a 12 turn Wye in 23 gauge for a 9 by 5 but a 13 turn Wye in 23 gauge for an 8 by 4.

Both according to the GBx Form have a 80+ efficiency rate and a amp draw under 7 amps.

I've never seen a motor use less turns for a bigger prop.

Does this make sense to anyone?Has anyone wound a GBx single for a 8 by 4 or 9 by 5?The gobrushless forum has been shutdown.You can view but not post.

If you want to use the GBx Calculator here's the link: