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Don Sims
04-26-2006, 02:22 AM
A cultural anthropologist from Indiana goes deep into the north woods seeking out a tribe unsullied by modern civilisation to learn their ancient ways.
Finally he meets an ancient Shaman and asks him,
"Please teach me of your ancient ways"
"We believe that all things come in fours, so you must perform
four tasks to prove yourself worthy. Your first task shall be to
sit on this log and fast for a day to cleanse your mind then follow this path to our village where the elders will tell you of the other three tasks".
Shaman rushes back to the village and yells
"Hide the sattellite uplink dish & the ATVs, everybody change out of their jeans and put on their traditional robes, we got another anthropologist coming!"
Next day the anthropologist from Indiana comes into the village and the Shaman tells him,
"your next task is to chug this pint of firewater."
The anthropologist from Indiana does this.
"Now, take this tomahawk into the woods and kill a bear,
and then return and make love with Wide Ida the village flourpacking champion. Then you shall have proved your worth."
So off he goes. Two days later the Shaman begins to worry, then the anthropologist comes staggering back, all scratched and bruised with his clothes all torn but still clutching the tomahawk.
"That took a while longer than I thought" he said,
"Now where's this woman I have to kill?"

Old Man
04-26-2006, 05:08 AM
Every body got the lesson, right.
Don't mess with a drunk from Indiana:p :D :p :eek:

I might get that drunk after finals:rolleyes: