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04-27-2006, 03:59 PM

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WeLaserCut.com is pleased to announce that we are now distributing Motortron “M Drive” brushless speed controls.

The “M-Drive” brushless speed controls are like no other controller on the market.
All controllers come pre set with standard “plug and play” programming. 2 additional user modes allow for some “mild to wild” set ups on the same aircraft, or different set up’s for swapping the same controller between different aircraft.
The included software, and computer up-link cable make it super easy to modify the controllers program at any time right from the transmitter, laptop or even a PDA.

Controllers are available in 9 Amp, 18 Amp, and 36 Amp versions to suit any small to medium aircraft.

All controllers feature:
Cutoff voltage
Programmable temperature cut off (80-130 degrees)
Brake on/off
Motor timing
PWM frequency
Acceleration delay
Safe arming
Transmitter or computer (with included software) programmable
Adjustable end points
Record and download data
One year limited manufacturer warranty

For additional information, please use this direct link to visit our website at:

Motortron “M-Drive” speed controls. What every modeler has been waiting for.





We are so impressed with the M Drive controllers we have been using in our demo models for the last several months, that we are offering a full money back guarantee* when you purchase an M Drive controller from us.*

If you are looking at any other brand of speed control, ask them if they will offer you this kind of guarantee?

How can we make this offer? We know you will be just as impressed as we are.

What have you got to lose? Use the link below to order your M Drive controller today!


Remember that all M Drive controllers include the up-link/programming cable, and have a full 1 year warrantee.

*Note: Excludes freight and delivery charges.

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