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08-21-2005, 04:57 PM
Atlantahobby.com is now stocking the full line of Fabrice Noro's Ultra High Performance Cyclon motors.

I met Fabrice in Germany and have spent quite a bit of time researching his company, where they are headed and their technology. I went to Germany secifically looking for newer technology and with http://www. atlantahobby.com being an electric only company I was aware of what Fabrice had to offer. We are very impressed with these motors and from the field results from normal consumers you will not find a better brushless package on the market.

A stock 160 outrunner for instance is designed to be able to generate 2000 Watts at 92% efficiency and 3500 watts max on 8-10 cells. The Elite series are very inovative by attaching a planetary gearbox to a high output outrunner. The Elite 30 is a 14oz motor That is designed to put out up to 2600 Watts and the little Mini elite is only 2.7 oz and is designed for up to 450 Watts!

You can see the complete line of Cyclon Brushless by clicking this link http://www.atlantahobby.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=385&cat=Cyclon and if you want to see Mike parsons and the 87 inch Yak in action you can click this link.http://www.atlantahobby.com/Cyclon_Yak.asp

Please stay tuned and feel free to contact me directly.
Good Winds

08-21-2005, 05:00 PM
If you want to see the Cyclon elite 18 in action take a look at this review of the Cermark Banchee posted on RCU.See the banchee review by clicking here (http://www.rcuniverse.com/magazine/article_display.cfm?article_id=540)

10-09-2005, 04:29 AM
Wow, that Cyclone wasted no time pulling the Banchee off the ground! Nice video and review.