View Full Version : converting to LiPo/outrunner

05-05-2006, 03:30 AM
As anybody converted the hobby lobby skygo to LiPo/brushless?
My problem is that I live at 8000' and none of the ARF/RTF "kits" come with power systems up to it.
I have a slo v That painfully ROGs and then mope around in spite of proping up(twice), switching to a 400 motor and 7 cells NiMh, but I think I have figured how how to upgrade it with LiPo, outrunner, and replacing all the electronics(cheap hobby).
I got interested in foamies and bought a skygo, I liked the look and it got good reviews, but I know that with the included motor it will be a dog here.
So if anyone has ideas/experience please do let me learn.
BTW I ran the skygo specs throught motocalc for a sedate flyer and got answers more fitting to a 3d plane for "experienced pilot".
If anyone did this mod. how do you mount the outrunner on that foam fuse.
Thank you for your help.