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05-11-2006, 05:20 PM
Gents ..

What would you suggest as a good brushless motor/ESC/LiPo combination for the RIPMAX Spitfire .. any links would be good ..:)



Sky Sharkster
05-12-2006, 03:10 AM
Hi Dave, Welcome to Wattflyer! There's a long (Would you believe 69 pages and counting?) discussion on RCGroups about this plane.
And I waded through a few pages, enough to find out the consensus motor "pick" is the AXI 2820-10 running on 3s LiPos and a 40-45A ESC. Prop size debate takes up 3 pages(!) you're on your own there!
Other motors mentioned; Hyperion 23019-12, Dualsky PR 25, Himax 2825 3600 W/ 4.28:1 + 12" X 9" prop, Mega 22/30/2.
Most of the posts are from the U.K. which makes sense, That's where Ripmax is located and it's been available there longer. Tower Hobbies has it now, stock # LXLSN7, price $109.99.
The motor sizes seem like a replacement for a "Speed 600" or glow .20 (roughly) and the model is about that size, 48" wingspan, 30 ounces or so.
There's also an ongoing debate about adding retracts, a couple of flyers have done so and posted pictures and details. Most seem to like the model but say it has a bad tendency to torque-roll on launch, not too unusual for a "Warbird", especially if it's somewhat overpowered.
If you do a search for "Ripmax Spitfire" you'll find a lot of references but the RCG link has the most real-life info.
Hope this helps!

05-12-2006, 08:04 AM
Thanks Ron...:) .. Thats exactly what we were looking for.. Its my sons birthday May 20 and we ( ;) ) wanted somthing quick and easy to take to the field ... We saw one of these Spitfires fly at the W/end and i was real impressed...