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03-17-2013, 03:36 PM
This is really annoying me so I wondered if anyone else has the same issues?
The other day I tried to order a Turnigy V-tail mixer from the Hobby King UK warehouse.
The item is on sale for $3-37 with a postal weight of 35g. Great I thought until I tried to sort out the postage costs.
The postage table says that I can use Royal Mail letter post costing $1-45 and that I have 65g left to use on delivery choice.
Off to the checkout stage and all they will offer me for postage is Parcel Force Express costing either $5-59 or $8-85 with 964g or 1964g left to use.
This is nuts!! Nearly twice the price of the item to post it when the letter post option should be available.
In the end, in disgust, I ordered it from the HK warehouse where it is a dollar cheaper in the first place and only $2-99 International Airmail by HK post.

In my anger and frustration I sent this to the HobbyKing support centre:-

"I wanted to order a turnigy v tail mixer from the UK warehouse. It was well within the weight limit for the letter post option but every time I am only offered the parcel delivery option. This made it far cheaper for me to order from the HK warehouse and use the $2-99 international postage rate.
This does not make sense as I want to support the UK warehouse but you are making it impossible for me to do so?? What's going on??


and I received this back:-

"Your request has been deemed solved.
To review, comment and reopen the request, please visit www.HobbyKing.com (http://www.HobbyKing.com)

Hi barry ,
Thanks for contacting the HobbyKing Support Team.
If you would like to purchase from UK warehouse, please kindly refer to the items in the following link:
Also, please kindly pay attention to the warehouse name in the product page. If it shows International warehouse, it means the item will be posted from International warehouse, while United Kingdong warehouse shows up, it will be posted from UK warehouse.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Every shipping method has its own size and weight limitation for every county. You should see the available shipping methods during check out.
If there is no shipping method available, which means we can't ship the order to your country.Please then check and remove some of items from the order, and split the order into smaller orders.
Thanks for emailing support.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.
HobbyKing Support Team

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They have deemed my request solved?
Am I missing something here? Does anyone else in the UK have this problem as well. ????