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Big Oakden
05-25-2006, 09:21 PM
Hey all,
Am Building one for a friend, and we are converting it to Electric.
Power provided from Visionhobbies.com :
(2)Poly RC 4350 5s1P (18.5v) 20-30c batteries
Prop should be an APC 18x6E

We expect to draw about 15lbs thrust at 70-80amps.

We are using Hitec 625MG at all locations. And seperate battery for powering servos
Should have completed and maidened by June 10th.
Radio will be JR 9303

Anyone else done one electric yet?

Big Oakden
07-08-2006, 06:39 PM
Well, we flew her for the first time today.
Ground level test:
1/2 throttle= 20 amps / 1450 watts
3/4 throttle= 40 amps / 2450 watts
never felt the need to do full throttle.

Taxied out to the end of the runway:
added juice and away we went.... takeoff at about 5/8 throttle, with a nice climb out to about 100 ft. for trimming.
2 clicks up elevator, 1 click left rudder, 1 click left aileron. (actual, and not made up like so many others :-) )

flew some mild aerobatics (roll, loop horizontal 8, stall turns) with a total flight time of about 5 minutes.

This plane likes to float on landing.

used about 1580 mah of energy out of a 4350 mah Lipo.

not bad.

more later about second flight..... (even better)

Ed Lyerly
07-10-2006, 03:14 AM
Big Oakden,
Congratulations on your successful maiden. Can you provide an all up weight ?
I have one that I'm converting using a Hacker A60 14L, TP 10S 2P 4000 lipo pack. Planning a 20x8 or 20x10 to start. Looking at a 12.5 lb AUW.