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05-26-2006, 06:49 AM
Hi Guys I am new to the Hi Pro end of electrics ( I have been flying foamys and gas plans for a long time ) . I am thinking about getting a hotliner and am not sure witch way to go I have looked at some of esprits stuff ( They are located fairly near me) and just cant decide what would be my best option I am not looking to compete just something to have fun with . I would like to get something that I can use a Lipo and brushless set up . with a wing span of at lest 2 meters ( hopefully at a price that will not brake the bank ) . A Friend of mine has a Siren that I have flown some so I would really like something that is at lest a Little faster than it.
thanks for any info and sorry about my spelling .

Sky Sharkster
05-26-2006, 12:57 PM
Hi, Mike, Good to hear from you! About the "Hotliners", our club has a few, one of the first I saw fly was the "Sprinter" from Esprit.
http://www.espritmodel.com I don't think it's competitive anymore, the design evolution has moved on, but it flys very well and was the pilots' first "Hotliner". He had no problems, the model seems to have no bad habits or vices and trimmed out easily. It flew (first) with a Hacker B40 w/4.4:1 gearbox, plenty of power, later an Aveox- don't know the model number but it was ridiculous power! 10 cell NiMH, about 1800 mAH, 13" x 10" folder. One thing about "Hotliners", they need a lot of room, they can eat up the sky faster than anything I've ever seen. Another choice is the "Mefisto", about the same size and weight, different airfoil.
Also you need spoiler and/or flaperons, they won't slow down without'em and you'll land in the next county.
The sound as it goes by "Power off" out of a dive is well worth the entry fee, but you must fly it all the time, it's not exactly relaxing. They will soar and thermal but not "Float". I think, with the speed potential, they have to be composite construction, the built-up models I've seen won't take the stresses these models can apply. Not for the faint-of-heart!
Good Luck!

05-26-2006, 03:56 PM
The Northeast Sailplanes Nike 2 also gets great reviews for the intermediate to advanced pilot who is new to hotliners:

Most of the Nike2 owners I know about still fly them regularly even if they have higher-performance models. It's apparently a lot of fun to fly, very tough (compared to the crackly fuselage of the Great Planes Siren, for sure!), and can still thermal adequately with lighter battery packs.

08-21-2006, 05:03 AM
Call Bob at SoaringUSA.com.
He will give you intelligent information so you can make an informed decision without ANY preasure. And if you want, he can supply you with everything you will need for successful flights.

10-23-2006, 05:30 PM
Hi Guys....I went for a Ptero-Thermo 'T' tail,elevator/aileron glider driven by just a brushed 400 motor,powered by a 3 cell 1300mAh 11.1v 15C lipo.
Phenomenal rate of climb and tremendous glide speed. It's a glass fuselage with trad build balsa wing/tail. The only problems I've had with it are that I had to sand the inner controll snake (elevator controll)quite heavilly as it was tight in its outer tube. Plus when the power is on, man it is hugelly twitchy and I could really have done with reduced rates on the ailerons. I've had quite a few heavy accidents and have had to repair with epoxy several bad cracks. She'll do for now, but I'm certainly going to buy a new one for next summer. I bought it from Revolution Shop (ebay) in H.K....fairly cheaply I thought, opting to provide my own 3x9g servos, speed controller and micro receiver. All up cost maybe £75.00. I suppose the only thing that might put people of is the dimensions...1.4m wingspan,
but as many of my clubmates have commented,she looks very scale in the air........and mighty quick!.......regards.Ian J.

10-23-2006, 09:18 PM
Here's what Bob told me. I'll prob go with a cheaper batt. even though those Neu's are supposed to be very good! You want the one with flaps (I think it's the only one they sell).

These can also be powered with an AXI 2826/8 and Jeti 70. That combo is the same price as the Neu motor alone. :)

Hi Ralph:
Try the ION 2006
Neu 1509/1.D/6.7gbox
CC 80/or 125 I like 125
RFM prop and spinner
Batteries.. well, I have the NEU power lipos.. 210-ea.. 4900mah +

Then you will have a good powertrain when you want to step up...


Bob----- Original Message ----- From: ralph ([email protected]) To: [email protected] ([email protected]) Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2006 2:08 AMSubject: First hotlinerBobI've been reading RCG threads on various hot/warmliners for about four weeks since seeing my first HL fly at a local show and am having a difficult time deciding what to buy. I have read up some on the siren, nike2, and now the ion.My flight experience so far is Stryker and Beaver. I have a formosa 2 and a cap 232 waiting in the wings to further my training.I'm looking for an HL on a moderate to hot setup on 3S or 4S lipos. Would you recommend an Ion as a first HL and on what power system?Thanks,Ralph

03-16-2007, 12:02 PM
Bob never set anyone up with a lazy dog!
I have the 1D and it rocks!
I also like the RFM 16x16.
I'm a big fan of Thunderpower, and I have yet to try the Neu batteries. I'm sure they rock though.

I love this sort of powertrain.

It's good to have Bob out there! (Thanks Bro!)