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Don Sims
05-30-2006, 01:27 AM
Got this from an active duty buddy, don't know if it's old or new news.... Wonder if the pilot is a displaced Hoosier moving to Texas?

Not a good Air Force Day.

Whoops !!!

There are those who have landed wheels up & those who will......

There are some mornings that is just doesn't pay to get out of bed. This is

one flight crew whose future employment will probably include the phrase,

"Do you want fries with that?" Runway should open today.


.... From all indications, it appears this was a good, old fashioned,

unintentional gear up landing. Investigation is ongoing but a preliminary

scrub of the tower transmission tapes has our controllers telling the B-1 to

report a five mile final with the gear. They received a positive response.

Pilot in command was an O-4 (major).

We had a B-1 land gear-up a little before midnight (local). No injuries to

crew or ground personnel - crew egressed normally. Unknown if mishap was

due to landing gear failure or pilot error - USAF investigating. I am not

yet in receipt of OPREP-3 sent by USAF - will readdress once received.

Currently, we are without a runway and are emergency operations with the

taxiway. We have NOTAM'ed the field and have cancelled routine AMC flights

until we can get the runway reopened

05-30-2006, 02:37 AM
Man, I just hate when that happens! ;)