View Full Version : Estarter on GWS floats will not track straight, takes a sharp right when on step.

05-30-2006, 12:48 PM
My first experience with floats on water with my Estarter. Flew off of snow with them on with stock 350b gearing and 2c1500 lipo. Put on a BP08Y outrunner with 3c1500 lipo and hand launched and landed in grass and it flew OK. Now getting brave and trying off the water and when I get some speed up it will take a sharp right that rudder will not correct. Tried angling the floats different ways and also widened the stance which helped some, but it is still doing it. Also seem to be getting alot of water (I think) hitting the 9070 prop.
I would appreciate any suggestions on how to properly align the floats. Just finished reading most other threads, but didn't see this covered. I also installed a small water rudder which helps during taxing.
Looks like it will be windy the rest of the week so I'll have time to try adjusting things. Thanks. Larry

Jim Casey
05-31-2006, 01:15 AM
Usually what you described is because the noses of the floats are too low. As the plane gets going fast and the horiz stab tries to straighten the fuselage, the floats are contacting the water too far in front of the step and the plane goes unstable.

Try your takeoff run with a little back pressure on the stick. Just don't let it take off and stall. If that works, re-rig the floats so that the bottom of the wing (or chord-line if the wing is symmetrical) wing is approximately level with the tops of the floats. A little positive (2-3 degrees) is OK.

05-31-2006, 06:28 PM
Thanks Jim for the info and will check that out. Saw in another thread about using a laser level on a tripod to do that so will give it a try.
These forums are the greatest. Larry