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06-01-2006, 11:39 AM
An article in the magazine written by David Adams about the Hanger 9 Miss America P-51 ARF.

I thought this article had a very good point on electric conversions and am copying the part that I thought was most interesting. If you haven't read this article it might be interesting to you also.

Page 58, Quote"

The downside is that the glow-plug-powered monsters wail away with exhaust frequency notes that immediately destroy any semblance of re-creating a full-scale airplane. Even though four-stroke engines help, they caan't save the illusion. Full-scale airplanes don't scream at you; they rumble at frequencies you can feel in your chest.

End Quote.

Page 60, Quote"

Because of the projects success I can heartily recommend the Axi 4130/16 motor, Jeti Advance77 ESC, Kokam 3200 mah 20C batery pack, and APC 16 x10 electric.
A great benefit of using the electric components is that the Mustang's outline is aesthetically uncluttered. There is no engine muffler or cylinder head hanging out, no noise except for the propleller, no messy residue, and it is easy to start a motor. It has been all that I had hoped for in a power source with a minimum amount of fuss.
End Quote.

Now I know why I like electric so much.


06-13-2006, 07:29 PM
Yeah it's a real ground breaking conversion.
I maidened mine in Dec 2004 and I was not the first.
I tried to email him but the address in the mag is not good.

Anyway mine is a great flyer. I added a Robart retractable tailwheel and cut out the cowl flap behind the radiator for an air exit. The AXI 4130/16 really moves it on a 16X12 but will overheat if flown WOT. I'm auditioning other motors for it.
Look in RCG for the thread.