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Sky Sharkster
06-02-2006, 03:00 AM
Tom Hunt of MODELAIR-TECH has some very interesting and unusual "Sport Scale" plan sets; These were designed for electric, not converted "glow". Many of the designs offer optional vacuum-formed parts as well. Here's a list;

IA-58A Pucara Twin 05 geared electric, wingspan 61.5", wing area 600 square inches. Foam wings and vac-formed parts available. Plans $17.00
Beech D-18/C-45 Twin speed 400, wingspan 49.5" Wing area 385 square inches. Fixed gear, built-up wing. Vac-formed parts available. Plans $17.00
Percival E.2H Mew Gull (1/4 Scale) WingSpan 74.25", wing area 792 square inches. Vac-formed canopy/cowl/wheel pants available. Plans $30.00, Vac-formed parts $40.00
Mew Gull Wingspan 53" wing area 403 square inches, Plans $15.00, Vac-formed parts $30.00
Mew Gull Wing span 37" Wing area 205 square inches. For Speed 400 w/2.33:1 gearbox. Plans $12.00. Vac-formed parts $20.00
Heinkel HE-177 Twin Speed 400 (geared). Wing span 59.5" Wing area 351 square inches. Plans $14.00
Cessna C-145/165 Airmaster Wingspan 45.5", Wing area 340 square inches. Intended for 400-480 sized motors. Plans $14.00
Aeronca Model LA Golden Age Sportster, Wingspan 51.75" Wing area 355 square inches. For geared 480. Plans $14.00

For the adventurous types there are the "Early Release" Plans; These haven't been built yet, you can be the "Prototype Tester"!
Aero-45 Czech Republic Twin. Sport=Scale twin 400 model, wingspan 55", length 34.5" Wing area 350 square inches. Plans $7.00
Arado AR-240 German Twin fighter/bomber. Sport-Scale for 400 motors. Wingspan 51.5", length 47" Wing area 423 square inches. Plans (2 sheets) $8.50
Heinkel HE-111 German medium bomber, sport scale for 2 480's. Wingspan 55" length 40" Wing area 510 square inches. Plans (2 sheets) %8.50
YAK-6 Russian Utility Twin for 2 400's. Wingspan 51.5", length 38" wing area 408 square inches. Plans $7.00

If you want something a little different, try;

06-02-2006, 06:58 AM
Heh. I have a few of Tom's plans including the Aero-45 and some of his 'Stik' kits.

I'd wager the early release kits fly just fine as Tom's stuff is 'the stuff'! :D