View Full Version : Rocket Motor rebuild

06-07-2014, 09:16 PM
A motor a I built a couple of years ago. Spins an APC 12X4.7 SF power by a 3S Thunder Power 910 mAh pack thru a no name 20A ESC. Makes about 42oz static thrust. The Sbach it's mounted to weighs in at about 20oz and run 6 min at least. I replaced the stock magnets with N50M's from hkcm.de engineering. The stronger magnets lower the Kv, that and terminating it in Star results in a few turns of big wire lowering the resistance considerably. Anyone know of an OEM 2215 that can spin a 12X4.7 SF on 3S...efficiently? The motor was bought on sale for $11.50 and the magnets cost about $15.00 with shipping.

06-07-2014, 09:22 PM
I have a recorded in flight data charts, just haven't found them at this moment. The recorded flight data was utilized to fine tune the wind, starting with the OEM (which could only spin a 10" prop) then used that for the next wind (which could spin a 12" prop but got to hot) and that data was used for the current wind. The 12" prop is like 4 wheel drive in the sky allowing for maneuvers which sorta seem to defy gravity, as an airplane moving that slow should just fall out of the sky.