View Full Version : Cheap 'Ebay' cameras.....Any good?

08-26-2005, 01:48 AM
The cheap Ebay cameras get a good battering in the aerial video Forums....but...you can get some great footage from them when working on a small budget...like most of us are. They tend to suit the RTF planes which, themselves, are usually bought on a tight budget.

Here's some footage from two cameras...an 'Ebay' 2.4GHz wireless camera, and a 'wirelesscamerashop.com' Lipo camera (the battery is built into the camera). Although the quality is never going to reach that from a CCD camera, the footage is still compelling and great fun to create, edit and watch on those rainy days!



The footage is taken from a Challenger, although I have used the same setup on the Commander and the Extreme as well (all from HobbyZone). The weight of the 'Ebay' camera is next to nothing at 15 grams (1/2 ounce) and the Lipo camera is 30 grams (1 ounce) so they have very little effect on the performance of the plane.

If there is enough interest I will post up how to modify the cameras to fit on the HobbyZone range of planes (or any other for the Lipo camera). There are also quite a few tips and tricks when working with the CMOS cameras................

Walter Laich
10-17-2005, 02:49 AM
I got a couple of CVS camcorders off ebay. These have the USB type A connector already installed. www.camerahacking.com (http://www.camerahacking.com) has the download program for it: Ops.13

Works well BUT try to get the 3.4 firmware in the camera. You have to do some rather dangerous (for the camera) shorting out to get the 3.6 firmware to open up. camerahacking has this in their forums.