View Full Version : Video; 301mph DS Glider!

Sky Sharkster
06-12-2006, 11:17 AM
http://www.slopeaddiction.com/thekids.html Has video of Kyle Paulson's 100" Extreme breaking the 300mph barrier. There are several other videos of smaller DS'ers going 170-200mph. This site has an excellent "Links" page for those interested in Dynamic Soaring.
Another good site for DS is http://www.slopeflyer.com/ Great "Links" and photo/descriptions of flying sites and competitions.
For a good diagram and explanation of Dynamic Soaring, go to
The American Slope Racing Organization is mainly for F3F racing. Their site is http://www.sloperacing.com/
And for Scale Slope models, check out Leading Edge Gliders at
http://www.leadingedgegliders.com/ They carry EPP kits in 72", 60", 48", 36". Lots of WWII and modern designs, very realistic.
Last, a good basic intro to Thermal, Hand Launch, Slope gliders and recommendations for radios, models, sources and links is
Have Fun!