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06-13-2006, 11:22 PM
Ok - I guess I am liable to get slated for this-- but I went and bought a Walkera 36 for my first heli.
Anyway - ran it straight out of the box and rapidly realised that the battery was awful (3 min flight time) and the motor was not powerfull enough.
so! I went and ordered a brushless motor + speed controller , and a big battery.
Now then - here is the problem.. I have no idea what I am doing with setting this all up.
1) the speed controller needs to connect to the reciver - but this has now meant that I do not have the giro connected. .. is this right ?
2) should the battery be slung below the engine - or at the front ?

I am kind of hoping someone has also done the upgrade like me and can post instructions / images of what they have done?

Fingers crossed , and have some sympathy for a total newbie :-)

Cheers, Silky

06-28-2006, 05:15 AM
Hey Silky,
at least you know what you did: bit off more than you can chew :D

do you have any rc experience?
if so do you have any equipment? perhaps a transmitter?
If you have a transmitter: does it have helicopter functions?

The problem with the walkera helicopters is there electronics. I've owned the 35 and the 22E and both are excellent airframes. I used my own transmitter, receiver, servos, gyros, and ESCs in both helis.

If you don't have one a computer radio will make a world of difference. Futaba makes the 6exh which is a decent basic radio available for under $200 (US)

A decent radio is your best investment....helis come and go but a tx is there forever :p

07-04-2006, 04:49 AM
Hi Silky,

I definitely agree with Paul and also would recommend you to take a peek at some of Bob Whites (Finless) videos. Although it mostly has a Trex show, the principles can pretty much work for all electric helicopters. It will fast foward your knowledge by ten folds. Not to mention the money you will save from inexperienced trial and error method! :)