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08-26-2005, 06:09 AM
Started flying (c/l) back when you could buy a McCoy 35 for around 5 bucks! (am I really that old now?!) Later built Heathkit 5 ch radio, World eng. Blue max 6ch.ACE R/C flight pack. Polecat Heli. ELECTRICS? Were there any? Other things in life got in the way. Took 20 years off. Still don't really have the time but, my son is 10 and have tried to introduce him to the world of R/C. Became a tower member after seeing the things that were unimaginable when I used to fly! ELECTRIC!? Gotta try that! Radio's today, Cheap, compared to back then! Firebat, A home built ( from a foam glider) , Hyper wing. Very limited sucess.( mostly failures, I believe, due to battery choice). Back to fuel. (2 AP .061's) Bad experience. Things have changed. Used to fly almost anywhere. Without mufflers!!! Now ,if it isn't quiet , you might as well call the cops yourself! You're not a kid anymore. If an accident happens, you've got a lot more to lose. AMA!? Only a sanctioned field,club? Difficult, expensive, travel time! Electric is the way to go! Budget is limited. LI-PO. Brushless, even brushed,. So many choices, very confusing!!! A lot of questions?! The first, Covering foam with packing tape??? Ugly, why not monokote,towerkote,ETC.? I used some...? 25year old stuff on my hyper wing, Looked great,(I think) Can't be much ,if any heavier?

flypaper 2
08-26-2005, 06:39 PM
Hi Fuelectric:
Afraid i'm from the oldfart school too. Jim Walkers Firebabys and all that good stuff:D Good covering material for foam is Doculam. A stickyback clear plastic film that can be used as is or heatshrunk with a Monocoat iron. I get at Staples. Takes paint well to. With the uptodate electronics and electrics, Synthetics, carbon fibre, depron, etc. it's a whole new ballgame. Thats why this hobby never gets boring. Have fun:p