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06-14-2006, 05:00 AM
Hi All,

I recently received a huge shipment of lipos. I ordered 2s1p 900 20c. The factory shipped me 2s1p 700 20c instead. :mad:

But, there is a bright side...maybe they weren't the 900s I expected, but they are SUPER light at only 48g.:)

Check it out! www.blackdogrc.com/wattflyerspecial_2006-06-09.jsp (http://www.blackdogrc.com/wattflyerspecial_2006-06-09.jsp)
Follow the link for a battery graph that proves they can pull a constant 14amps. 48g packs. Super light, super small. At $15...700mAh and 14amps...that's about 20c if I calculated right...I think you'll find it's a real good deal. Replace your big fat pack with a 48g pack without breaking the budget! Imagine how your foamy will fly if you shed a few ounces?

Check it out! www.blackdogrc.com/wattflyerspecial_2006-06-09.jsp (http://www.blackdogrc.com/wattflyerspecial_2006-06-09.jsp)

Take $5 off your first order OR $2 shiping on smaller orders.

I fly them in my "cholocate bomber", a foam b25 with twin GWS 2205s. I pack a bunch of hersey kisses into a easter egg, attach a parachute and launch! I get up a 100 or 200 foot and drop the parachute. The kids scramble to be the first to get the chocolate egg!

I get about 5 takoffs, drops and landings on one pack. Swap out a new pack and away I go. The kids love it! See the video, look at the products, enjoy!

Devaun, BlackdogRC.com

06-15-2006, 07:09 AM
Hi all,
Just a note: Today (jun 14) the internet went down for a few hours and was problematic. It is now stable again. I hope this didn't cause anyone a problem...I'm very sorry if it did! One square mile experienced the outage...

Also, the specials are only valid using this link:
www.blackdogrc.com/wattflyerspecial_2006-06-09.jsp (http://www.blackdogrc.com/wattflyerspecial_2006-06-09.jsp)

It's a "hidden" link just for you guys-n-gals first. Next week, I open up the sale to the world. You can visit the whole site, but the "special sale" is only at this link right now.

If you have any trouble or questions, PM or email [email protected]