View Full Version : Delta Foamy

06-17-2006, 03:45 AM
No plan and no clue of what I will end up with once I start hacking up foam. This oddball delta was a just for fun build that I have about 3 hours into. Flys very well and does great high alfas because of the mid motor thrust. Stays airborne at 1/3 throttle on a 8x6 prop with a Little Screamer outrunner and a TP-730 2 cell. This things no speed demon but will fly at around 35mph and thats nice for my small park. If I prop down a little if will run a 3 cell with ease.
I get right around 12 minutes of flight time on a 730 and over 20 minutes on a 1320. Rolls are very fast and 50 foot loops are easy.

L: 27"
W: 27"
AUW: 6.8 ounces
Motor: Little Screamer 17t
Prop: 8x6 E-Flight SF
Battery: Thunder Power 730
Foam: Fan Fold Foam

Sorry theres no plans but I see no need for them :D