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Glacier Girl
08-31-2016, 04:16 PM
Well we all know how much we spend/spent on this addiction, and have probably hidden from the wife.:p> But what else do you do for pleasure that seems to empty the wallet. Okay, belay that, some things I don't want to know what you spend your bucks on. Let's keep it clean.:D

Me? I grew up around cars. My family owned both auto and motorcycle dealerships, and we raced all kinds of stuff. Motocross, dirt track, drag racing, etc. I always had some hot rod, heck I had 3 of them when I got married.

And as an American, I shunned those evil riceburner cars. :censor:
They weren't like my Shelby or my GTO or my GTX, no not big cubic inch monsters that I terrorised the street and track with, rice cars were nothing more than some coffee can muffler making noise and not much else.

Several decades later my middle son bought a car. Yep one of those evil ricers. And like the dark side, it drew me in. Maybe it was something about the mystery of how the heck can he get 500 hp/torque out of some little tiny 4 banger.

And so my next step in blowing money began. He and I decided to go racing.
He with his computer skills and me with my racing ones.
We picked up a candidate. A 2006 Mitsubishi EVO 9. Okay at least it's from the folks who made the Zero.;-) Roughly a year later, and enough spent to buy a house with, we had us a race car. A monster with a huge wing, canards, front splitter, side skirts, roll cage, racing seats and harnesses, all kinds of suspension and drivetrain mods, and a heck of a lot of electronics tuning. Also all kinds of space age materials, carbon fiber, magnesium, aluminum, and titanium. And of course and evil car has to be black.

Off to the local road course track, and cut three seconds off the record, running on street tires! Car was amazing, never broke, just kept going faster.

Last week we were at Road Atlanta. Big time! The beast was perfection on the track. We were #1 in our group, and #4 overall. And that's against factory teams too.

And then it happened. :eek: Got invited to run with the big boys in the unlimited series. Had some ding dong blow an engine and instead of getting off the track, he continued on until the car gave up. :mad:

At 140 mph when you hit oil on asphalt,in a turn,you have no traction. And when you hit a concrete barrier, not once but twice it makes an r/c crash look like a scratch. At least we weren't alone, two other cars found out what happens when you hit an unmovable object after sliding in oil.:eek:

Well that's racing. Now we get to spend enough to buy a third house to rebuild. :blah: And yep, both our wives found out where all that money went.:censor:

Bald Paul
08-31-2016, 05:52 PM
Sharp looking car! (Don't worry, that'll buff out!) :-)

Sometimes I wonder how much better off I'd be financially now that I'm retired if I hadn't spent so much money on racing when I was younger. I raced enduro karts (like the picture) - laydown chassis with 100cc 2 strokes screaming next to your ear (which explains a lot of my hearing loss). Try stuffing one of those into a wall at around 100 MPH - trust me, it hurts.

It's funny, but some of my long-time friends who never really did anything outlandishly stupid and expensive when they were younger may have more money in the bank now, but they sometimes regret not having the fun and excitement I did when I was racing.

08-31-2016, 05:56 PM
Oh heck,

It'll buff out ! At least you were wearing seat belts ! LOL Whew ! I've driven down the Autobahn at 140 in a Mercedes S Class and that's as fast as I ever want to go in a car. World goes by pretty fast.


08-31-2016, 06:33 PM
Did the "rice burner" racing thing for 5yrs, while my son was still living at home......2008 Subaru WRX. Took a modest stock 265hp to 310hp at the wheels, modified exhaust, intake, dual plate clutch, Bosh chip set, 225/50YR17's, split roll cage, 4pnt belts, 4 piston front brakes slotted and drilled rotors all around........everything else just stock and no body mods, a sleeper........Bought the car brand new for $22,000.00. Add-on's (all said and done) cost us $5700.00, we did all of the labor and did not purchase knock-off brand equipment.

We intentionally went with the WRX because the STI was over $30k......and with the help of our SoCal Subie Club buddies, we new it would be faster in the Street Class if kept under 325hp........0 to 60 at 4.7sec was good enough to be very competitive at Willow Springs and Auto Club Speedway...!
We also intentionally kept the car fuel efficient (boost under 15lbs), it was my everyday driver too.....lol

The other factor about "rice burners" is they are way cheaper to modify and race than American muscle in the same class........unless one can buy a house for less than $100k in Florida or California, for not much more than $50k, including insurance, entrance fees, tires, brakes, fuel, trailer rentals (if you're not driving the car to the track, ours was street legal and both tracks we frequented where less than an hour away)......and occasional equipment failures.......... we were able to race the first full year (counting cost of car) for just under $51k........Not counting over night stay and food accommodations..........Can't touch a house out here for that kind of money........!

$4250.00 a month for the first year was pretty steep for a hobby.........but the following 4yrs, the cost came down to about $1000.00 a month (only got more when tires and clutches needed replacement).

Sold the car last year with 65k miles (only got $15000.00) and bought a new Mitsubishi Lancer Sport........no more turbo's and lots of technology with great gas mileage and pretty decent comfort, handling and zip.......my son now owns his own Subaru and we have been building a kit car for show and just dropped a 302ci into his 1972 Comet (it will eventually become the street racer he desires)........it never ends and sure is a good way to spend money and spend time with the family......!

Now I only spend disposable time/money for myself hunting and 3-gun competition.....Occasional nut-busting with the boy in Utah........and being Papa to my 2yr old Grandson.........very little RC........;)

http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z335/keeperteacher/P1010043-1.jpg (http://s1184.photobucket.com/user/keeperteacher/media/P1010043-1.jpg.html)

http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z335/keeperteacher/P1010032.jpg (http://s1184.photobucket.com/user/keeperteacher/media/P1010032.jpg.html)

http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z335/keeperteacher/040.jpg (http://s1184.photobucket.com/user/keeperteacher/media/040.jpg.html)

http://i1184.photobucket.com/albums/z335/keeperteacher/P1010091.jpg (http://s1184.photobucket.com/user/keeperteacher/media/P1010091.jpg.html)

09-01-2016, 04:41 AM
I have started rebuild / restoring my 1985 Honda Limited Edition Goldwing 1200.

First is total front end, from tire to head bearings.
Then turn it around and do the rear wheel from tire to drive shaft,

Motor is in good shape, but needs some parts polished.

09-01-2016, 11:24 AM

I like what I see in your review mirror !
Racing groupies ? Ha

09-01-2016, 02:05 PM
the Mitsubishi 4g63 is one heck of a motor...I still have my 98 Eclipse turbo...although I'm sad to admit it's only a GS-T FWD.

09-01-2016, 06:13 PM

I like what I see in your review mirror !
Racing groupies ? Ha

Hee Hee.....You mean the eye candy behind my son and Tanner Foust.....lol

Those were the Rock Star greeting girls.......taken at a Long Beach Formula Drift practice session. My son just finished his driving lesson (one of many) with Tanner. Notice the helmet dent in my sons forehead......He had to use one of the teams helmets with an air circulating system....after an hour, we noticed it was a little snug......lol

In my previous cost break down, I forgot to mention the SCAA and Pro-Am D license costs.......however, they were included in the costs I gave........we spent about $3000.00 in a two year stretch to get the boy Pro-Am D certified.......we got a price break since my son knew a relative of Tanner's from club soccer days.......The D license (at the time) was the quickest path to a professional road course racing certificate......which never panned out......my boy took the soccer route and gave up the racing dream.....soccer got him a college education. However, that experience has kept his car building and amateur racing hobby alive to this day.......He still plays Club two days a week, keeps him in shape.
Pursuit of Pro racing was an endless money pit without "big boy" sponsorship..........hard to come by, it takes money to make money....even if you have talent (which the boy has), and know Tanner Foust..........;)

09-02-2016, 01:25 AM
Skewer and some clear tape! It'll fly again!

09-02-2016, 05:37 PM
Old VW's. At one point before getting into model planes I had about 7 VW's at one time ranging from a 63 to a 79. My one ton Dually and the Cyclone toy hauler camper take up a big chunk as well. The truck and camper are kind of a result of the planes and going to events like SEFF and such.

Well that and student loans... lol

Don Sims
09-03-2016, 12:00 AM
The motorcycles keep me busy, have two 09 Victory Visions.

Am looking at a 1975 RE5 Suzuki to bring back from the grave or part out then buy another one. Had one of the RE5 rotary's for several years back in the 70's to early 80's and have always regretted selling it. The one I'm looking at has sat since 84 and in rough shape but the price is right and it's 98% there.

09-14-2016, 05:12 PM
Until recently I used to dump my money in motorcycles and riding. Alas vertigo issues increased the dangers beyond the normal threshold risk for me so I'm devoted to flying RC.

09-14-2016, 05:58 PM
Where do I start !

In early teens - raced Class 1 Kart with Villiers 9E3 engine ...

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/go-kart/Ken-myGokart.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/go-kart/Ken-myGokart.jpg.html)

Here with my older brother and his girlfriend sitting in it. Silencer was purely to keep neighbours 'quiet' when testing in field across the road from house.

Later in my early 20's converted a 2.0ltr JPS Capri S in UK when single and Club raced her. 270hp at the wheels made her sit up and beg !! Car actually got me introduced to first wife !!
She's got all the photos unfortunately !!

I have had a love affair with cars that look normal - but have fire under the bonnet. Went through the Capri S above till it literally fell apart ... and then played about with 280i Capris.

But one of the best and torque'y motors I ever had was the 3.0ltr 24V Vauxhall ... that baby could pull away in top gear if you wanted ... no turbo or supercharger needed. It was sheer straight 6 grunt ! Floor the peddle and hear those 24v's whistle !! She had twin ram-air gates that closed and opened depending on your right foot !!

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/Carlton/24v-3.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/Carlton/24v-3.jpg.html)

Today I run a Volvo XC70 that has T5 tuning and de-limited on rev range ... which tends to surprise most people when it takes of like the scalded cat !! She can hit 240km/hr easy and to be honest once I get there - I'm not inclined to go further as the car starts to feel 'light' ...

But of course I have another love affair ... boats.

My father had yachts and I always said I would follow in his footsteps.

First was my 19ft job ...

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/Nijoy/Launchnijoythornham.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/Nijoy/Launchnijoythornham.jpg.html)

Here on trailer behind one of my 280i Capri's...

Then onto my 23ft Snapdragon ...

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/Haven%20Lady/haven-lady.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/Haven%20Lady/haven-lady.jpg.html)

which was later replaced by the 25ft Motor sailer I have presently at back of house ...

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/superanne/Image015.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/superanne/Image015.jpg.html)

Here with her friends ... I have another 3 boats ... at my house ..

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/12%20May%202016%20Boats/Luthers%20armada%201_zpsb3eewadh.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/12%20May%202016%20Boats/Luthers%20armada%201_zpsb3eewadh.jpg.html)

Superanne : 4 ton Motor sailer

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/Priory%20bay/DSCF0205.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/Priory%20bay/DSCF0205.jpg.html)

Lady Lou : 5m small cabin sailboat for river ..

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/lady-lou/Image013.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/lady-lou/Image013.jpg.html)

LuLu : 4.5m Soviet powerboat rescued from being scrapped and re-engined ..

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/Soviet%20boats/Sept%2003%202015%20launch_zpsdqevhjab.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/Soviet%20boats/Sept%2003%202015%20launch_zpsdqevhjab.jpg.html)

The 4th being a dinghy with actually a couple of other smaller as well ...

For 4 years I owned a beautiful race yacht - built as Demo for 1980 Moscow Olympics. There were 10 of them built and mine was the prototype. They sailed as a demo team in Tallinn in the Olympic's ... 3 of them stayed and I became proud owner of Eola.
in 2003 - this photo shows her hauling past a Carter 30 and my going on to win outright the 2003 Baltic Sail Regatta Cup .....

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y245/nluther/Eola/baltsail29-06-03a.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/nluther/media/Eola/baltsail29-06-03a.jpg.html)

The organisers actually failed to regain the Cup from previous holder and it was never presented to me ... I have suspicion that they resented a 'foreigner' winning it outright.

So with RC as well ... I aim to fill my time with activities. I believe that living only once - we need to do maximum and not waste any moment !!


09-14-2016, 06:38 PM
noun [ C ] US ​ /boʊt/

a hole in the water into which you pour all your money.


09-14-2016, 06:57 PM
noun [ C ] US ​ /boʊt/

a hole in the water into which you pour all your money.


True - but now that boats are at my house in private own moorings ... that's a huge saving against my previous outlays !

Other of course is that as soon as Marine Label is put on an item - price more than doubles.


09-14-2016, 07:00 PM
Not a dig on you. I am sure you really enjoy them.:)

09-14-2016, 07:47 PM
Not a dig on you. I am sure you really enjoy them.:)

Never thought it was a dig at me ... what you said is true. I'm just lucky that I don't have to pay Marina / Harbour / Port fees etc. In fact I spend less on all my boats than I do on RC !!


09-14-2016, 07:52 PM
Never thought it was a dig at me ... what you said is true. I'm just lucky that I don't have to pay Marina / Harbour / Port fees etc. In fact I spend less on all my boats than I do on RC !!


I bet that does save you a "boatload" of money! HA!

When we bought our house one of requirements I had was that it was big enough to park my camper there. Didn't want to have to pay storage fees. They charge by the foot around here and mine is 38 feet long. Was looking at about 100 a month to store it.

09-14-2016, 08:22 PM
I bet that does save you a "boatload" of money! HA!

When we bought our house one of requirements I had was that it was big enough to park my camper there. Didn't want to have to pay storage fees. They charge by the foot around here and mine is 38 feet long. Was looking at about 100 a month to store it.

Marina fees were stinging me over 2500 + water + electric per year .... boat in UK ... me in Latvia ... so it had about 2 weeks use per year !


09-14-2016, 08:37 PM
One place I checked had inside storage, they wanted $450 a month to store there.

I could build a building big enough to put it in and finance it for less per month than that. It was crazy.

It sits snug next to the house and we can use it for guests if we need to or just leave it sit til we use it.

09-14-2016, 10:23 PM
noun [ C ] US ​ /boʊt/

a hole in the water into which you pour all your money.


My thought is that BOAT is an acronym for;
Break Out Another Thousand,

At least it seemed that way when I had a 24' Beachcraft with a flying bridge.

10-03-2016, 08:48 PM
One of my other toys.

A 1977 Pinto wagon. it was my first car. It is on it's 3rd motor, 2nd trans, and countless rear gears. Two paint jobs.

I have had this car sense 1985. And it is a blast to drive.


Swiss Flyer
10-03-2016, 10:03 PM
For my upcoming 40th I've decided to try for an ultralight licence.
I am booking two weeks at a flying school in Spain, and then another two weeks in the summer to finish off.

All going well I would like to buy my own flex wing aircraft which I can trailer to a local flying field.