View Full Version : Built another E-flite P47D

06-24-2006, 05:27 PM
Well, I took some parts off the crashed one and built a new fuselage and tail to mount them on.

I glassed the bottom of the plane from the cowl back to the air vent (more or less). I used Polyurethane. Next time I will try polycrylic. The urethane stays yellow, which seems to have added to my warbird look. But next time I will try to keep it clear.

I built it with no gear and no wing plates. They all just weigh too much for what you get out of them. I used some 100mph tape on the servo channels. It was similar in color to the bottom of the wing. I re-used my crashed wing, which had cracked on both sides near the aileron tip. I Ca's the cracks and then glassed over the crack on the top skin for a little extra strength.

You'll notice my ailerons look a little weird. They are balsa. I got one flight on my original wing before the horns came very loose. I tried to CA the area but it just didn't work out. The ailerons weighed about 4-5 grams each more than the foam ones, but I was still only in the mid to low 24 oz range AUW so I was OK with that.

I also glassed the little area in front of the hatch. I tape mine closed before flight and the tape was peeling the paint all the time. The glass gives a nice smoothish surface for the tape and protects the paint.

All in all I think my P-47 is a lot closer now to the actual warbird it is supposed to be. I haven't gotten to fly it yet because as I pulled it out of the car this morning, the rain started again and I had to put it back in. I can't wait though. I've been flying my Alfa P51 since I augered the P47 in and I always felt the P47 was much more stable. But now I am very comfortable with the P51's handling, so the P47 should be a nice relaxing flight.

With all the glue, glass (inside the cowl too!), balsa ailerons, and an extra .25 oz of balancing weight, I still came in just over 25 oz. That was a pick-up of about .75 oz.

Here's a few pics to show the repairs. I hope this one holds up a little better.