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06-26-2006, 04:16 AM
Electrified a 80"er....

Some details, China Model Production or CMPro 80" Extra 330L Fiberglass fuselage, built up wings and tail feathers, $299.00. It has a Hacker C50-13XL 6.7:1 spinning a Mejzlik 20x12 Carbon fiber "Electric" prop from Desert Aircraft, a Castle Creations HV85 ESC, it uses ThunderPower batteries, a 10S4P 8000mah 42v pack for the main motor and a 3S1P 2100mah 12v pack with a Kool Flight Systems UBEC for the radio gear. Hitec Q-PCM Receiver and Hitec 5645MG digital servos all around. All up weight is 15# and the motor system puts out over 2,500 watts of power and pulls about 72 amps, that's 167 watts per pound! :D

I moved the elevator servos further up into the fuselage area to help with cg, strengthened the landing gear plywood on the inside, added two carbon fiber anti rotation pins on the elevators and made a removable battery tray. I also hinged the Canopy for easy access to the inside of the fuselage for those times when I need to get in their quick. ;)

I can break out the digital camera and snap some details pics if anybody is interested.


and a closer detail pic from the GSP website...

I love the paint scheme on this plane, it is all painted and covered just like you see in the above picture, I got a lot of great comments on it at our Giant Scale AMA/IMAA fly-in this past weekend. It was one of two electric 80"+ planes flown then, the other was a Senior Telemaster with a Hacker setup (www.jedburgflyers.com (http://www.jedburgflyers.com)). The plane is sold by GiantScalePlanes.com as well as NitroPlanes.com. When I bought mine, NP was out of stock but GSP matched NP's advertised price in the AMA magazine. I get all of my electric stuff from Cliff at www.AtlantaHobby.com (http://www.AtlantaHobby.com), awesome guy to deal with too!

Next up to electrify is the BME 87" Edge 540II $$$. :eek:

06-26-2006, 06:51 PM
Nice job on the conversion . Sounds like a sweet flyer.
I'd be interested in seeing the 87" Edge conversion. I'm concidering one similar. The KMP (eBay) 30% Extra 330s, 87" span.

Mike Parsons
06-26-2006, 10:39 PM
Very nice! I love the scheme on that plane.

06-26-2006, 11:38 PM
I'm seriously considering the Cyclone F3A 160 motor that Cliff sells at Atlanta Hobby for the BME Edge 540.

2000watts continuous and 3500watts max power on a 10S4P.

Probably going to go that route, I just haven't made up my mind yet, i'm still analyzing other motors like the Hacker A60 Outrunners as well as the Axi 5330/18 to see what will be my best bet.

I saw a post on RCG about an Axi 5330/18 and a Jeti 90 ESC with TP 10s4p 5300 packs swinging a 22x12 APC and getting 6500 rpm's, 89amps & 2980watts! Pretty impressive, here is the video of it, decide for yourself.....

Arggggghhhhh, I hate decisions like this, lol.

06-27-2006, 12:23 AM
Yes, Great performance on that E-Yak and the Axi motor. Essentially the setup I am interested in. Though I want to get the amp draw lower. So I am concidering 11s or 12s packs. Looking toward the 5330/F3A or the /24.
Again, nice work on your Extra 330L.

06-27-2006, 12:53 AM
Here's a Video of a CHP Tunnel Vision with a Hacker A60-16M, 90A ESC, 22x10 prop, 10S, 78amps & 2900watts.


These videos just make it harder to decide.

11-20-2010, 11:55 PM
Hey DJ,
Building mine as I type. Also taking it electric. I am going to use the 5645MG servos and will run the receiver power with a 6V NiMH 2100mAh battery. I was also going to run (2) 4s 4000mAh Lipo batteries in series into the ESC to get 8s 4000mAh total. I am using a Spektrum DX7 and a Spektrum AR6200 receiver.

Couple of questions if I might:
1. Do you think the receiver battery is sufficient?
2. Will 8s 4000mAh be sufficient based on the motors below?
3. I am on a budget and need to save money on the ESC and Motor (i know that sounds backwards but it is what it is)...so, I am considering purchasing an ESC and motor from HobbyKing. Here are the motors I am considering (one larger and one smaller in power) If you see others that are within that price range that you like better I am open for suggestions as well for both the motor and ESC.

(a) - Model: HXT80-85-B (Turnigy Aerodrive)
Input Voltage : max. 48V
Kv : 170 rpm/V
Weight: 1230g
Shaft: 10mm
Voltage Range: 20-48v
Non Load Current: 2.6A
Stator Size: 77x80mm
Power: 6000W
Turns: 8
Resistance: 37ohm
Idle Current: 2.6A
Equivalent: 50-70cc Gas Engine

(b) - Model: SK63-74 170 (Turnigy AerodriveXp)
Kv: 170rpm/v
Turns: 9
Resistance: 50m-Ohm
Idle Current: 1.9A
Shaft: 10mm
Weight: 840g
Rated Power: 3250W
ESC: 100A+
Cell count: 6-10
Suggested Prop: 22x10~26x10
Power equivalent : 30% scale warbirds or 3D planes up to 100inch and anything requiring a 26~45cc gas engine.

and this ESC: Turnigy Super Brain 100A Brushless ESC

Just need a bit of advice as to what you would choose if you were saving money. Especially helpful since you are already flying it electric. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH. Havent found many people that are flying these planes with elec. setup. Really appreciate your time!!!