View Full Version : In flight freeze up-receiver or speed control?

06-26-2006, 07:16 PM
I was out the other day ( rare perfect evening ) flying, when Murphy raised his head and my Parkzone P-51 battery hatch failed. Battery hatch failed, battery flew out and, obviously, she punched in----repairable. Not to be discouraged, I launched my E-Flight P-47. About 7 min into my 3rd flight she froze up--would not respond to any inputs. Punched into the paved runway---total loss. Walked up to the wreckage and all the servos were pegged, unpluged the battery and re-connected and all was OK.
My question is, did my cheap 4 ch GWS receiver cause the crash, or did my speed controler (also GWS) overheat and fry the BEC? I do not want to reuse the equipment even though it seems fine now. Any thoughts?

Glacier Girl
06-27-2006, 04:04 PM
You said you plugged the pack back in and all was ok, right?
Well if the bec cooked, there would have been no power to the rx to run the servos when you reconnected the pack.

I've heard good and bad on the GWS rx's. Never used one myself so I won't give you an opinion on them.
I stick with Hitec Rx's. 5 and 6 channel and have never had a problem with them.