View Full Version : Mini Tumbleweed 3D ARF from Aero Technologies

06-27-2006, 05:27 PM
Flying 3D aerobatics with an electric powered plane used to be only in the realm of those profile foamie style airplanes. Not any more. Fly 3D with a real 3D airplane, the Mini Tumbleweed ARF from Aero Technologies. Not just a pretty face, the Mini Tumbleweed ARF packs real punch when it comes to aerobatic flying. Things like large wing area, massive control surfaces including functional flaps, and a specially bolt lightweight airframe combine to make the Mini Tumbleweed ARF stand out from its two dimensional brethren.

Each Mini Tumbleweed ARF is built from balsa and plywood hand selected for its lightweight and strength. All parts are CNC cut for accuracy, then jig assembled for a straight and true alignment throughout. After assembly, each component is hand covered with genuine Ultracote® in a highly visible, two color trim scheme that shows off the craftsmanship of the construction. And since this is a NexGen ARF™ model, the parts count is low so assembly time is kept to a minimum. Unlike other ARF models on the market, you'll find the vertical fin and horizontal stabilizer pre-attached to the fuselage, eliminating those time consuming alignment procedures. All control surfaces, rudder, elevators, ailerons and flaps, are pre-hinged and glued securely into place. Rudder and elevator pushrods are preinstalled too. Just hook up your favorite micro radio equipment, install a brushless electric motor and speed control, attach the pre-assembled landing gear (with wheels and fiberglass wheel pants installed) and fiberglass cowl, bolt on the wing and go fly. It's just that simple. It's the NexGen way.