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07-01-2006, 02:16 PM
Man it was nice this morning. I got to the school field about 5:20 AM and flew for 61 minutes in 5 different flights. That's the most I've ever flown in a session.

There was zero wind when I got there and virtually no wind when I left. I flew my Alfa P51D Marie, and I re-maidened my new/rebuilt E-flite P47D.

I swapped out the prop on the P51 to an 8x6 (with a rush paint/sharpie marker job to make it look nicer than APC gray). I even managed to get the spinner cone to stay on with a lot of scotch tape. I was worried about using this prop on the MP Jet motor because the draws were a lot higher than with the 9x4.7. But at WOT the amp draw was 11.7 or so (just inside the 12 amp stated limit of the motor). And I ran another bench test last night and found that up until the last 2 clicks of throttle, it wasn't drawing nearly as many amps. It hovered around 7-8 amps even at that level of throttle. So I knew I could fly it all day at that level and never push the motor. At WOT, the motor was making 137 watts (or about 150/lb). This was about 40% more power than the set-up I had been flying. This should be pretty cool right!?

It flew like an entirely different plane! Well, maybe not. The handling was the same, if not a little quicker. But the power and speed were awesome. I needed even more down trim though. This plane is way out of neutral now. I must have about 4-5mm of down trimmed into the elevator, in spite of about 2mm of up aileron offset. I got 11 minutes out of the 1350 mah batteries I was using, which was at least what I was getting with the other prop. I put two flights on the plane this morning and then switched to my P47.

It was a little bit of an exercise getting used to the P47 again. But a lot of that is because with the re-maiden, the plane was out of trim. Once I got it trimmed, it was much nicer. And the rudder is great to have. I was doing that stall turn (not sure what you call it) with ease! This plane has virtually none of (well, maybe a lot less of) the Alfa tendency to climb and stall under power. This is especially true out of a dive. This took a little getting used to after switching planes this morning. But those straifing runs (sp??) are a thing of beauty. You can do the same with the Alfa but you definitely have to fly out of the dive with down stick to keep it low and level.

Well, I put three packs through this plane, including the one that was in it when I crashed it last. I forgot all about the damage (which was nice) and it flew fine. None of the batteries came out of any of the planes even warm.

When I launched the P47, it was making a lot of rattling type motor noise. I could hear it on the bench after I rebuilt it. But the motor seemed to be making power so I figured what the heck, I'll just use it until it blows up. It took away a little of the joy of flying it though because it was so unnerving to listen to. But by the second flight, I was enjoying the whisper sweet electric sound of the Park motor as I flew it past me and realized that the motor sounded much better. I guess it had some dirt still hidden inside, and it must have cleared itself out. I would say that it almost sounds as good as new. Certainly pretty good anyway!

So at about 6:45, the dog walkers started coming out of the woodwork. I didn't know it until I dove over one on the path at the edge of the field. I guess they thought they were safe over there but they happen to all stop instinctively right under my bombing line. So 11 minutes into my 5th battery, I powered back and landed. I think the people were all amused. I'll catch somebody hiding off to the side watching in silence every now and then so I guess they don't mind me being there.

All-in-all, a very nice morning of flying! No crashes, 5 good flights, a re-maiden, a damaged battery that looks like it will live, and a crashed motor that seems like it will be around for a while!!

I wish I had a flight pic or two, but these will have to suffice.


Sky Sharkster
07-01-2006, 03:20 PM
Hey, Andy, great news about your latest flying success, guess it will be like that every time from now on? Well, OK, maybe one or two little problems but nothing major. LOL!
I think it's good that you fly before the "other" park users come out. No sense rocking the boat. Back in the prehistoric days when I was a kid we saw (glow) U-Control planes in the park and at a nearby field, Free Flights circling overhead. Nobody even dreamed of complaining, we all just watched and asked questions. Got me started in this crazy hobby!

07-01-2006, 04:57 PM
Hey Ron, Thanks.

You are right about "from now on!" But I feel really good about flying now for the first time since I started this hobby in February. I'm flying in a breeze, not crashing, debugging some of my problems, and landing close enough not to need a bicycle!!!