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07-11-2006, 07:28 AM

Hi all,

Got too many projects going on, so I'm selling my night-rigged T-Rex. Has about a dozen flights on it, no crashes. It is completely Ready-To-Fly, just set up your transmitter, attach a LiPo battery and go fly.


This heli kicked off the night flying at the recent Tweak 'n Tune and St. Louis Whirlybirds funflys, with Hirobo-sponsored pilot "Hirobo St. Louis" on the sticks. He even tried a little piroflipping with it. It's got all the high-end stuff and configured for 4-cell LiPo's with a Jazz ESC; spins 2800-3000 headspeed governed.


Here's why I call it an "ultimate" configuration:

- T-Rex 450XL CDE frameset (CCPM mixing to share the collective load amongst the three micro servos)

- Medusa Research 28-32-2800 Afterburner brushless motor w/10T pinion(this is the motor recommended by RCHover for 4-cell for "crazzzy 3D". Check out their video of Henry Caldwell with this motor at: )

- Hitec HS-56 servos on cyclic (it's the standard for T-Rex's, quick, responsive and plenty of torque in a CCPM configuration)

- Jazz 40-6-18 ESC (this is THE speed controller to have. Built-in BEC handles up to 4-cell batteries, super-smooth spool-up and locked in governor mode. Programming the ESC is incredibly easy, doesn't require a computer and best of all, is already done on this heli. Deans Ultra connector attached.)

- Align heat sink (keeps the Medusa cool)

- Hawk night blades (tri-color lights molded into these carbon fiber blades are what everyone has been waiting for for night flights. Red tips show up in any orientation, the blue LEDs show when viewing from above, and the green LEDs show up when viewing from below. Includes AC/DC charger and pins).

- Glow wire (as you can see, it's all preinstalled and routed on the heli. The 9V battery runs separately from the motor/receiver battery so no glitches. The canopy wire has it's own jack so it can be removed easily)

- Align inverter (converts the 9V DC source into 110V AC for the glow wire. Small, light and works well. Wired to a switch for on/off without unplugging the battery).

- GY401 gyro (the standard for T-Rex's right on thru to nitro .50s/.60s.)

- Futaba 9650 tail servo (digital servo for more responsiveness when used with GY401 in digital mode, plenty of torque. It's the standard for high-performance T-Rex's.)

- Align grey metal swashplate HS1111, grey metal tailcase HS1108 (slop-free precision, the swash is the newest version (SE v2) with the "Align" logo stamped on it, so no more separating swashes. Tail case houses the CNC tail pulley that comes with blue "slow-down" secondary gear set - all aimed at high-headspeed flying)

- microHeli tail servo mount (made specifically for the Futaba 9650, ensures perfect alignment for the tail control rod)

- Polk Hobbies Seeker 6 receiver (this is currently installed on the heli, but I can switch it out for a JR R600 if desired)

- Align bump-resistant skids (much better than the stock gear and finishes out the all-black look)

- Align carbon fiber tail blades (tail is rock-solid with this combined with the 401/9650)

- Align pellucid canopy (don't know why they don't just call it "clear". It has a crack by the front windshield from a crash on my other T-Rex so I borrowed it for setting up the night-flyer. can't see the clear packing tape repair job in the dark! doesn't affect performance at all, just mentioning it in the interest of full-disclosure. no cracks or wear pattern by the canopy mounts at all)

- Astroflight Zero Loss connectors (connects motor to ESC with zero loss (apparently))

- HR Poly Low Voltage device (this thing is awesome, beeps and flashes an LED (mounted on the rear to be visible in tail-in hover) when the battery voltage approaches a predetermined cut-off. You can hear it clearly over the motor noise and it really helps prevent overdischarge of LiPos)

- Plexiglass landing pad (rather than add more lights to the heli for landing, I just light the ground instead. Makes it easy to determine height above the ground when coming in. Comes with it's own glow wire driver)






Bottom line: There's over $1100 in this T-Rex. I scratch built-it from new parts for full-on 3D AT NIGHT. I don't fly full-on 3D is the only problem. Works great for practicing orientation, however. So much easier to fly having the rotor disk clearly illuminated.

Asking $750/shipped. Not interested in parting out at this time, but PM me and if I get enough interest I'll consider it. I'd like to sell it as a package because it's set to fly as-is, everything is tweaked out for best performance and completely trimmed out. I can provide all my transmitter settings for sub-trim, endpoints, etc. to help jump-start the buyer if desired (JR radio).

PM with any questions.




07-13-2006, 12:30 AM
Price lowered to $750 :)

07-17-2006, 04:10 AM
Price lowered to $750