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07-13-2006, 04:13 PM
I thought you electric guys who also fly pure saliplanes might be interested! :)

The Long Island Silent Flyers www.lisf.org (http://www.lisf.org) is proud to host The Eastern Soaring League R/C Sailplane Competition that will be held at Stillwell Field, Syosset, Long Island, NY, on September 23 and 24th.

Spectators are welcome and there is no cost to just come and watch.

The contest is listed as unlimited sailplanes, which means you can fly anything. I have competed with a 2M, Sagitta 600 and a 2M Spirit Select RTF, both of which are built up balsa planes. One of our club members flew his Easy Glider foamy. We had a great time and received a lot of help and encouragement from the more experienced flyers. Of course there are many people there with more advanced planes than these, but you don't need an expensive plane to fly the ESL events.

Two Classes of Flying

There are two classes of flying, sportsman and expert. If you have never flown in a contest, or have limited experience, don't hesitate to register in the sportsman class. The experts tend to be better equipped and have the fancy ships. The sportsman class tends to be the newer flyers and the guys flying woodies, or less competitive ships. Many sportsman aspire to become experts and some just like the sportsman class. Low pressure, low investment, high fun!

To register, visit www.flyesl.com (http://www.flyesl.com) and register with the ESL. There is no cost to be an ESL member. All you need is an AMA card.

Then click on the contest of your choice and register for the contest. The specific registration for the September event is here:
http://www.flyesl.com/contest_regis...list.asp?cid=18 (http://www.flyesl.com/contest_regis...list.asp?cid=18)

Serious Competitors - Expert Class

If you are a strong competitor with a high end ship and great skills, you will find plenty of good flyers to challenge you, in the expert class. Some big name pilots and well known sailplane designers fly with the Eastern Soaring League. We get flyers from Maine to Florida and sometimes from across the country or other countries. Many compete on the national and international level. While this is a fun day of flying, if you like a serious challenge, there are plenty of people here to challenge you. Supras, Mantis, Icons, Bubble Dancers, Graphites and the like are all around so bring on your contest ship and see how good you really are. If you have the skills, register for Expert Class

New Flyers or Less Experienced Competitors - Sportsman Class

If you are new at this contest stuff, or perhaps you have flown a club contest but nothing else, come on down. Sportsman class is not about big investments, it is about big time fun and improving your skills. I promise, you will leave a better flyer than when you arrived. And you will make new friends who love soaring just as much as you do. You do need to be an AMA member, but you do not have to be part of a club.

To fly sportsman you should be able to handle your plane in the air with other planes in the area. You will be flying with a timer who also spots for you so you will have help avoiding other planes and knowing where to land. The timer can also tell you where other planes have found lift. If you are willing to accept coaching ( I always do!) many will give you tips that will help you improve your flying.

You should be able to land with reasonable control, but don't worry if you can't spot land, we have a large field so there is plenty of room to land. Believe me, I take advantage of it all the time. Feel comfortable bringing your Gentle Lady, Sig Riser, Easy Glider, Spirit 100, Tower Vista, Bird of Time, R/E, RES, full house, foamy or other sport glider. If you have something more advanced, but your skills are not up to the expert class, register for sportsman.

If you have never used a winch, or are not confident on the winch, no problem! We will launch the plane for you. I launch light planes from winches all the time.

The Multiplex Easy Glider does very well on the winch if you extend the tow hook a little. My Spirit Select has made many trips up the winch line. I have that easy touch that Gentle Ladies just love. :-) In my first competition, people launched my Sagitta 600 for me both days, and no one minded a bit! In many cases your timer may be able to launch for you. You can bring your own timer or we will arrange timers for you. It is all part of meeting people.

This is about fun and good times and learning how to improve your skills. And when you get really good, you can push yourself into serious competition, but you can be comfortable that our competition is held in a friendly, laid back atmosphere of fun and good sportsmanship. I have seen competitors loan planes to each other so that a pilot can finish the contest. Does this sound cutthroat, or like a bunch of guys you would like to know?

I have not seen any women pilots at our events but they are certainly welcome. Come on ladies, show the boys how it's done!

Photos from a previous ESL event:
http://eslphotos.shutterfly.com/act...w2Ys2eA&notag=1 (http://eslphotos.shutterfly.com/act...w2Ys2eA&notag=1)

There is a link to a map to the field on the LISF home page:
www.lisf.org (http://www.lisf.org)

Picture of the flying field:
http://www.lisf.org/Pictures/29070035.jpg (http://www.lisf.org/Pictures/29070035.jpg)

For the full calendar of ESL Thermal Duration and Hand Launched contests, visit
http://www.flyesl.com/calendar.asp (http://www.flyesl.com/calendar.asp)

What to bring?

Bring your plane, radio and your AMA card. Bring whatever you normally bring when you go flying. There are no vendors or parts suppliers, so bring what you need. Bring some suntan lotion, a chair and anything else you might like to have at a picnic type site. I like to have a tarp or a blanket so if I drop something I don't lose it in the grass.

Umbrellas, Easy-ups and the like are welcome. This is a big open field. Don't forget your camera. RVs are welcome but we do not have hook-ups and you can't park on the field overnight.

We do have a Walston plane finder receiver for Walston Channels 1-16, so if you have a Walston, bring it. Bring a stop watch so you can help with timing for other pilots. Nothing fancy required, a $10 Radio Shack stop watch is fine.


This is a two day event. Pilots can fly one or both days.

The contest director will declare a task, say 7 minutes. Pilots launch in groups of four so that the pilots can hunt for lift. The goal is to stay in the air 7 minutes and to land exactly on the 7 minute mark.

This group of 4 are scored together so that a group launching in poor air are not penalized because the next group launched right into a lift. This is called Man on Man scoring. Its a very fair system, similar to grading on a curve. The person who gets the best time in that group gets the full set of points and everyone else gets a % based on their time. If the task is 7 minutes and the best time in the group is 4:00 minutes and you got 3:55, you are doing great!

Bonus points are awarded for landing accuracy.

Two classes - sportsman and expert. This way the very best pilots compete
against each other. The newer pilots compete as a group.

One class of plane - unlimited

Fly what you have. Wing spans range from 1.8 M, about 72 inches, to 3.6 M, or about 144 inches and beyond. No motors please, this is a pure sailplane soaring event. Construction ranges from built-up wood, wood and foam to bagged wings and moldies. If we can launch it on the winch, you can fly it! All are welcome.

Often experts time for sportsman, which gives the sportsman the benefit of expert advice during their flights. Sportsman often time for the experts so the sportsman get the benefit of watching the masters at work. (Would you caddy for Tiger, just to watch him play?)

There will be awards for first, second and third in Sportsman and Expert for each day. There are no money prizes. This is for the joy of it!

Lunch is available for a reasonable price of around $5. Contest fees are typically $17 for one day or $30 to fly both. See the ESL site for actual fees.

Pilot's meeting is around 9 am with first launch around 9:30. Field opens around 8. The last launch is usually no later than 3:30 pm, depending on conditions. :-) Even intermittent rain doesn't stop us. We had two days of on and off rain for the June ESL/LISF event and we got in two full days of contest flying. It was wet, but it was fun!

Come on down!

What? You still aren't sure? :eek: Long Island is beautiful in September! You gotta see it!

Post any questions here and I will be happy to answer them! :p

07-27-2006, 04:53 PM
The contest director has decided to add a Novice Class to the event. This is designed for the sailplane pilot who has never flown a contest.

To qualify you need to have a basic command of your plane in the air and be able to land it safely.

All launches will be from a winch, but you need not launch it yourself if you are not comfortable with he winch. We will launch it for you so relax about the launch. We send light weight gliders up all the time. So if you have a gentle lady or a Spirit or the like, we can winch it. We can even run the radio for you if you prefer, then hand it back to you once the plane is off the line.

There will be no charge for registration for novice class. So let's get a big turnout!

Registration instructions are in the first post.

07-27-2006, 04:54 PM
Link to Map of field location is provided on the LISF home page - Stillwell
Woods Park
www.lisf.org (http://www.lisf.org/)

Best Western Woodbury Inn
About 1/2 mile from the field
http://www.woodbury-hotel.com/ (http://www.woodbury-hotel.com/)

Long Island - Days Inn Hicksville
828 S Oyster Bay Road, Hicksville, NY 11801
about 2.5 miles form the field

Fairfield Inn by Marriott Syosset Long Island
24 Oak Drive at Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, NY
about 1 mile from the field

Howard Johnson Express Inn - Westbury
120 Jericho Trnpk/I-495, Jericho,
about 3.5 Miles from the field

Meadowbrook Motor Lodge - Perhaps cheapest
440 Jericho Turnpike, Jericho, NY
about 3 Miles from the field

215 SUNNYSIDE BLVD, Plainview, NY
About 2 Miles from the field
Clear Skies and Safe Flying
Ed Anderson :cool:
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09-12-2006, 11:06 AM
If you are near Long Island, I hope you will come buy to watch or to fly. We are up to 34 registered pilots. If you have a young flyer in the family, register them for Novice Class. We will have at least one junior flyer, and perhaps two. I was watching him practice on Saturday with a 2M R/E woody. He is getting pretty good!

Also, if you are a new sailplane pilot, the Eastern Soaring League has created a resource location for you. It is called the Novice Lounge (http://forums.flyesl.com/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=14). Just visit the ESL web site and you can click on Novice Lounge on the main page. www.flyesl.com (http://www.flyesl.com)

Lots of articles and information for hi-start, winch and hand launched thermal pilots. Whether you compete or not, you may find this site useful.

09-26-2006, 02:33 PM
We had the Eastern Soaring League, ESL, contest at the Long Island Silent Flyers
field in New York last weekend. What a great event!

There were no vendors, no sponsors and no prize money. Just a bunch of guys
who really enjoy flying. We had 35 registered, and I think we had about 25
fly despite bad conditions. Many pilots drove long hours to come and fly.

We would probably have had more flying but a number of the ESL's top pilots
were at the World Soaring Masters, flying with the best of the best!

In some ways our flying conditions seemed to be similar to what the World
Masters saw. We had 15-20 mph winds with gusts over 30. We had a lot of rain on Saturday, mostly clouds and very little thermal activity. Much of the contest was spent looking for waves of lift and surfing those waves. Landing was challenging, to say the least.

A number of planes were damaged as people tried to push that extra little
bit to give their best launch, to stretch out that time, or to make those
landing points. And many pilots erred on the side of caution, which was not
a bad strategy under these conditions.

I am proud to say we had 6 pilots in Novice Class. These guys weren't flying
Supras or Icons, they were flying Aspires and Easy Gliders and the like. One
guy took the prop off his electric Aspire, put the spinner back on, put in a
hook and flew it in the contest. The plane was heavy but under the
conditions, that turned out to be an advantage.

The youngest was 11 and the oldest were in their 60s. All were flying their
first major TD competition and some their first competition ever.

One of the novice pilots overstressed the wings of his Spirit Elite on the
first zoom as a huge gust hit, and the plane blew into dust. Pretty
spectacular actually.

Done for the weekend? Nope!

He ran home and grabbed a 2M balsa slope glider, the only other glider he
had, and finished the two day competition. Why you ask? Because the energy
level was so high he wanted to be there and in the hunt! Actually, under
these conditions, a slope glider might have been an advantage.

During those two days we ALL learned some lessons about ballast, about
gentle tapping to kite the plane, flying strategy and understanding that,
sometimes, a safe landing is more important than landing points. Supras and
Mantis and other pricy planes were being gently (relatively) coaxed up the
line. Skill and finesse, rather than raw power, made for good launches! Even
these did not always survive the experience.

Coaching was in abundance and anyone who landed in the trees had a lot of
help getting their plane back.

There are planes, in all price ranges, on the repair table this week,
including mine, but I can tell you that a great time was had by all. And the
Novice pilots never stepped back from the competition, though they were
given many chances to do so.

On Sunday a special round of applause was offered up for the Novice pilots who proved themselves under adverse conditions. And they are all talking about the next big contest and what they will fly and how they want to work on their skills.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but from the view of our field, thermal duration glider competition seems to be alive and well. And with the new Novice Class, I think that we will see even more activity in the Eastern Soaring League
events. But it will still take an experienced pilots hand, offered in friendship, to help these guys over the hump of giving it a try, because that is all it will take. Once they taste it, they love it!

If you are interested in gliders, visit the Novice Lounge on the ESL web site:
http://forums.flyesl.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=224 (http://forums.flyesl.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=224)

09-26-2006, 02:40 PM
These are the planes I flew.

The red and white winged plane is a Polecat Thermal Dancer. www.polecataero.com (http://www.polecataero.com)

This was my primary ship until it was damaged on an over zelous launch. So it went to the back of the car and out came the blue and yellow Legend.

I didn't win but I had a great time. I can't wait till the next time.