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07-17-2006, 11:32 PM
Well, the other day I took my firebird commander 2 out to a school where there was a huge open field with a baseball field and the dirt was perfect for landing. Well, I did a ground take off and went up near 200ft and dropped my parachute guy out of the drop module. it floated to the ground narrowly avoiding a roof. Whew, that was close! Well, I let of the throttle to lower the plane when a good 20mph freak wind came through, my plane started to get caught in a death spiral and it was going down quick in full right. It went behind some trees and we lost site. My dad started to turn his challenger toward the field and come in so we could go search for the missing plane, (He had recovered his plane when the wind came.) while going down, I slammed it left and hit full throttle and 10 seconds later my plane came shooting up narrowly avoiding some trees and went straight up and stalled. It turned left and headed back into a nose dive. I wasn't about to give up. I sadi to myself, if I'm gonna crash my first plane, I'm gonna crash it good! I slammed the throttle and tried my hardest to keep the nose up when we lost sight of it again. Suddenly it came bursting back through and came out into the clearing. This time steadily gaining altitude instead of going nose straight up. I flew into the clear, did a few more laps and came in for a perfect landing. I almost wet myself that day. After I had landed, we undid the wings and put the planes in the back of the ram. We walked off a good 400ft towards the hill where we lost sight to see what I had gotten into. On the other side was a good 75 degree drop and a band shelter with concrete picnic tables everywhere. There was also a parking lot and a 3 story building with a flat roof. The place I had gone through was a gap between the trees no wider than 4 feet. I had gotten REALLY lucky. I'll never forget that one! Thanks for reading!


Don Sims
07-18-2006, 02:11 AM
Great story Grant! Glad you rescued the plane!