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08-30-2005, 06:50 PM
:confused: Not being a user up to now I would like a clear explanation of how to use the forums and how to post and find messages. Please try to make it as direct and simple as possible.I am a Computer user and electric flyer, but have never used the chat rooms. Please advise, thank you

08-30-2005, 09:48 PM

This isn't really a Chat room. It is a database collection of messages. Much like if someone were sending you letters in the mail, you would store them in a drawer to read later as a reference. The big difference here is that you can read other people's 'letters' as well as your own.

You already know how to post a message, as you did just that in starting this thread. The best way to learn how to use these forums is to just roam around and read messages and try doing different things like "replying" to a message you have read.

To find a certain subject, you woud use the "Search" function at the top of each forum, or the master Search function at the top of the web site.

Keep your messages in the appropriate forum, such as motor questions in the Power systems forum, battery questions in the Batteries and chargers forum, and you should do just fine. You will find this to be a very enjoyable way to communicate with other modelers with similar interests. Good luck and enjoy, it won't take long to learn how to use it.