View Full Version : anyone used HiCam's Pro X2?

08-31-2005, 04:59 AM
check it out, looks great and just above my price range (considering i've only got 2 ABC's) but it might be worth the investment. vid quality looks good - see the gallery "glide_catch"


converted to aussie dollars it bites the hip pocket AND i'd have to justify the cost to the missus.

suggestions, comments, donations?

10-09-2005, 04:59 AM
buy similar equipment from http://www.sznewway.com/ and pay much much less for good equipment. I bought from them, and like the service, never had problems with any of the cameras and tX and RX. I got a lot of them for friends and all like them.

They are the manufacturers of the equipment. I like the square CCD camera the best, you can get it with TX already on it or without the TX ad than use any of their A/V TX. that way you can even use your Digital camera for a video source. and also add a R/C swith to the camera, than you can see, what the camera sees and take the pictures precisely as you like them.

Or you can put a GPS overlay board in between the camera and the TX. and than you see where the plane is, and how high etc. or do both things.

I doŽnot like that a lot of these dealers sell a system for these outragous prices. I have good video camera, receiver and transmitter for less than 120 US dollars. but I do not know the current prices. some cameras I have cost me as little as $ 40.-- including TX and RX. but I do not like the cmos cameras as well as the ccd.

I have no connection other than beeing a satisfied customer of http://www.sznewway.com/ .Maybe later more, greetings, RB.