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08-10-2006, 04:43 AM
I am selling my king as I have not been flying it the past few weeks/months and could use the funds. Specs are the following:

Esky king

-S75 servos on cyclic, HS-55 on the tail
-400DH outrunners (1 on the heli with an 8 tooth pinion and one spare motor)
-stock blades (1 pair on the heli in good shape, one pair NIB)
-carbon fiber blades (NIB...slightly longer than stock blades)
-Spare gear set (NIB...main, tail, anti-rotation)
-Main shaft (NIB)
-Spare center hub's (x3)
-Heli Direct super landing gear
-Spare blade grip pair
-Various spare shaft collars, screws, etc. and whatever else I can find that may go with it

Heli is in very good shape. Very tips of blades have a slight scuff in the covering. I have not swapped them as they are still very useable. When I received the motor that is mounted on the heli, the screw holes stripped out as I was installing it. I tapped the 3mm holes to 4mm and mounted the motor and have had no issues since. I have tested the other motor but have not mounted it (it is used). I purchased it mainly as a spare but have not needed it. It has a 3mm shaft. The boom is straight and the heli runs smoothly. The gears on the heli are in good shape with no missing teeth or major wear. I flew with the canopy once (bottom is trimmed to fit a 1320 pack) but left it off since then so it is in great shape. I would like to keep the rx mounted on it in the photo if possible. You will need a gyro, rx, tx, battery and ESC to complete this. I may have some spare ESC's if you are interested. This makes a nice step up from a a stock blade CP without breaking the bank. Any questions, please ask. Asking $230 shipped.

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08-30-2006, 05:01 AM
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