View Full Version : Soarer or sail plane...yes

08-20-2006, 04:10 AM
hi,...my name is jonathan...have been playing sailplane for 10 years in HongKong,...including A10, A4 small handlunch combat model using only 2 channels, very easy self cutting foam wing using VERRRRRRRRy simple methods and save alottttttttttt of money...

lots of EZ plane to make...hope I could give you some plane and you could download and make it yourself...or you could tell me then I email to you first......
if you could not see my download very well..and nothing at all (that is why i am posting it)...then I could mail to you, because I just want share the plane to you...so I just copy that plan and mail to you..the cost only, around $15 altogether by my experience...i meant world wide..ok

my email is [email protected] :D