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Bill G
08-20-2006, 05:57 AM
Now don't delete this one. Its an honest reccomendation.

This stuff needs to just go.

1. Its like letting users play moderator, that's your job, and they should not be permitted to do it.

2. It promotes clique type boosing and demeaning of users. Both cases give a false assesment of the users rated.

3. Most importantly, it is a system that undermines the principle that USERS SHOULD ALL JUDGED WITHOUT BIAS. Do you like meeting a group of people, when you know someone has been speaking poorly about you, before getting there? No, you don't. You wish that you could just have the opportunity to be accepted and seen without bias.

4. It undermines the system of Moderators. People can bash others, without it being moderated. Now that's just wrong. To keep this Rep system and be consistent, all the Mods should be gone, and there should be no moderating. Now that would not be good either. Get the point.
I was falsely accused of a personal attack in a Bad Rep rating srecr. The moderator didn't see it that way. So I guess the user got to be a moderator himself, by posting his negative "personal attack", that is supposed to be reserved for Moderators only, to post.

5.Other sites don't have it, because they don't see the need , I guess.

This is a big issue to me, should be listened to fairly, and is saved in Notepad. All this effort will not be vaporized.

08-20-2006, 06:19 AM

Now that's a point to ponder Bill. The problem I have with the reputation points system is that it is very easy to skew or abuse. Even though I think some of the suggestions for the points levels are fun the more I think about this the less I like it. I have to agree that placing labels on people is a bad idea.

I think more discussion on the matter is due. However if I were to be asked I'd say ditch the points system.