View Full Version : Another "Micro-Stang? GWS Vs Cox

Sky Sharkster
08-28-2006, 06:17 PM
While checking out the "GWSexpert" site (now "epyaya") for the new P-38 which is, (as usual) not listed, I found this;
A micro-P 51D Mustang (Silver). Specs;
W.S. 24.5"
Lt. 20.2"
Wing Area 111.1 sq in.
Flying Weight 140gr, 4.9 oz.
Wing Loading 0.04 oz. sq. in. (4.0 oz/sq/ft., I think!)
Power system Mabuchi FK-130SZ w/ 150mm (5.9") prop.
Price $25.00
Also says "This product can be converted into radio controlled airplane".
Anyone tried one of these?

Bill G
09-07-2006, 06:27 AM
There was a little FlyZone P51 at my LHS forever. Finally was going to get it, and it was sold. I've done other FlyZones, and it should be a good conversion. Nice to make with removable wing, so you can access the inners, and install/remove the lipo batt.

As for weight, what amazes me is that they fly well heavy. Just flew my FlyZone 20" ME109 the other day. If flies with a 2s-350 lipo and 180 motor direct drive. Flies with authority at a whopping 5.5oz, and doesn't fly heavy.