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09-02-2006, 03:57 AM
Well I have started yet another project. This one is a 40 sized Kyosho trainer called Calmato. 63" span with glow weight claimed to be 5 3/4 pounds. The fuse is balsa and ply, the wings are sheeted foam. Not sure where the weight is going to fall but I'm sure it will be OK. Power will be via a Kontronik SP600 brushless inrunner with a MMS Inner Demon gearbox and 12x8 prop. This setup was on a now deceased Sig Rascal 40.

I'm making a tail dragger out of this as I fly from grass fields and have never flown a tricycle gear airplane. I'll post pics as things go along.

Here is the factory photo of the plane:


Here's the fuse with the motor installed.


I've removed the fuel tank, nose gear mount and all the linkage tubes for the throttle and steering rods. I've also reinforced the fuse floor with a 1/4"" plywood doubler and some triangle stock for the new landing gear position.

Got a terrific steerable tail wheel setup from the LHS today so I've been busy working on her.

One thing I am a bit steamed about is the seller I got this from off FeeBay sent the wrong plane. I ordered the green version of this ARF. He sent the red. On top of that the thing got busted in shipping because he didn't bother to double box it and then shipped it via the big brown package busting system. Now I have to repair the tail and fuse as the seller won't remedy this. Grrr. :mad:

Anyways, it's time for me to get back to work assembling the plane.

09-03-2006, 04:00 PM

Here is a photo of my electric powered Kyosho Calmato Trainer in flight.


The power system used consists of:

PJS 3D 1900 Brushless Outrunner Motor
MGM TMM 9032-3S Expert Series 90 amp ESC (OPTO)
Poly RC 3700 mAh 3s Lipo battery pack
APC 12 x 8 E prop
Seperate 1700 mAh 6.0v battery pack for RX & servos

This power system provides plenty of power for both trainer flying and mld aerobatics. I compare the power of this electric power system to a Calmato with an OS 40LA. (If you know about glow engines)

Good luck with your Calmato. I love the way that mine flies!

09-03-2006, 04:31 PM
Woot! I don't feel like a loner now! So Vision, do you know what your Calmato weighs with that setup?

I'm just about finished assembly of this one. Maybe even fly it tomorrow.

09-04-2006, 07:48 PM
Hi Mike,

I have forgotten, but will get an answer and post it later today.


09-04-2006, 07:52 PM
Thanks Jerry!

I'm very close to being finished mine. Just need to cut a couple of air holes, make a battery support and go fly.

My weight came in at 5 pounds 6 ounces with a 4S1P Kokam 2100 20C lipo.

06-22-2009, 10:32 AM
Emergency first post

Dig up an old post here - love being able to search forums, it's the best part of the Internet.

I've just been offered one of these - airframe only plus a "2 stoke 40-46 class" engine - that's all the information I have - for AU$250, which is about US$200.

I want run electrics, that's why I'm here, and figured I'd be able to convert it, and lo and behold here's this thread about converting this plane.

Don't know if it's good for my first plane, probably going to get a cheap foamie for that, but this seems like a good offer.

Any comments?

06-22-2009, 10:46 AM
Oh yeah, it's never been flown before - the engine hasn't even been started

09-10-2010, 11:46 PM
If you are still looking for advice on the Calmato trainer, it will be an excellent first aircraft. Just be sure to have an instructor help you out with your first flights!