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Sky Sharkster
09-02-2006, 11:30 AM
(NOTE: The following is the personal opinion of this writer and not an official policy of Wattflyer, nor does this site advocate the deliberate crashing of model aircraft into other airborne models. This posting is for informational purposes)
Travis Bickel said it best; "You Talkin' to me? You Talkin' to ME!?" When those everyday frustations build up, take it to the slope! (Otherwise) sane pilots will deliberately crash their aircraft into yours, and soon you will be aiming at their planes! What could be more fun than that? Suprisingly, the planes often suffer minimal damage and survive to return to the fray.
This fast-growing segment of slope soaring utilizes EPP or other sturdy foam construction, electrical components buried inside the structure and lots of tape for extra strength. Warplanes, Flying wings and conventional designs fight it out at high speed and the unwary or slow-reflexed usually take a long walk down the hill.
For a great description of Slope Combat and many links, go here;
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