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jcarter 01-19-2009 11:05 PM

Gearbox for Kontronik Motor?
I am new to the hobby and do not really understand gearboxes. I just got a Kontronik Fun 600-17 motor but I can't figure out what gearboxes would be compatible with it. The Kontronik gearboxes specifically for this motor seem to be discontinued.

The motor has a 5mm shaft and 36mm case diameter. The gearboxes I've looked at are mostly for 12mm or 20mm cases. What kind of gearboxes would work with my motor?

Edit: I seem to have found a solution.

Larry3215 01-21-2009 01:23 AM

What did you come up with?

Depending on the application one of the Inner Deamon boxes should work.


Model Electronics used to make a Monster Box but I think they only offer the Super box now. It would fit as well for lower power apps.


jcarter 01-21-2009 03:27 AM

I was going to use the super box. How low would you consider "lower power apps?" I will probably be around 1000W. What would be the part that fails in a high power case, the spur gear? Or would I see something like tooth skipping?

Larry3215 01-21-2009 04:34 AM

I think 1000 watts is pushing a Super box pretty hard. Im trying to remember but I think Pete recomended around 500 max on it. The Monster box was the one rated up to 750-1000 IIRC.

I have run my Monster boxes at close to 1000 watts and they do fine. Ive also run Super Boxes at right at 500 watts for many flights.

You tend to wear down the plastic spur mostly I think. I have also worn out brass pinions but that takes a lot of flights.

When it starts skipping and stripping teeth on the spur you know you have gone tooooo long without adjusting the gear lash :)

The Inner Deamons will handle way more power easily. More $$ but well worth it.

Im currently running an Inner Deamon 48 on my Mega Capricorn at about 900 watts spinning a 22x12 APCE and its just loafing.

I love the sound of the Inner Deamons too. Sounds like a turbine spinning up. Check out the beginning of the Mega Capricorn video.

Im also running a Mini Deamon at about 600 watts in one of my other giant foamies and a Monster Box in another one at close to 1000 watts.

The Monster box is a lot lighter than the Inner Deamons but the Innder Deamons are tougher and will handle more power.

You can e-mail Dan at Inner Deamon for current pricing and lead times.

You might also give Pete a jingle at MEC and see if he has any Monster Boxes left or enough parts to put one together.


Larry3215 01-21-2009 04:42 AM

Forgot the link to the video.

This plane has a Mega 22/20/4 and the Inner Deamon 48 gear box, 22x12 prop.

jooNorway 01-21-2009 07:30 PM

You could run 2kW on the Kontronic. Get a Kontronic gearbox!
Ratio depends on which plane you want to power... DF, hotliner, acro, F3B, F3J, large scale sailplane?

jcarter 02-05-2009 04:02 AM

jooNorway - Unfortunately Kontronik have discontinued their gearboxes.

Larry - I have ordered an Inner Demon 48. Hopefully it will arrive sometime late next week. I am grateful for your help, thank you.

Larry3215 02-05-2009 05:50 PM

I think you will be impressed with it.

Keep us posted on the project!

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