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CHELLIE 09-10-2008 07:14 AM

EDF pusher Jet scratch build- contest 2
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Hi Everyone :ws: this will be my first Ducted Fan JET, so its going to be fun to try something New, it will be a profile Jet, with a 6MM wing and 9MM fuselage, the wing and fuselage only weight 2oz, the EDF is an E Bay Special :Q, I think a 3 cell 1300mah 20C lipo should push it, it will have elevons and throttle, its a 3 channel ,Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-10-2008 07:40 AM

Here are some motor specs,

RC ducted fan combo unit
54mm 6-blades w/ 2409-7T brushless motor
RC ducted fan unit, 6 blades rotor with a high power brushless motor
great for all jet type foamies warbirds!!
Ducted Fan Specification
<TABLE borderColor=#000000 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width=657 border=1><COLGROUP><COL width=133><COL width=517><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD width=133 bgColor=#00ff00 height=10>Dimensions
</TD><TD width=517 bgColor=#00ff00>62mm outer dia. x 71mm length (w/ motor)
</TD></TR><TR vAlign=top><TD width=133 bgColor=#00ff00 height=7>Shaft size
</TD><TD width=517 bgColor=#00ff00>3.175mm ( spinner adaptor type shaft)
</TD></TR><TR vAlign=top><TD width=133 bgColor=#00ff00 height=6>Weight
</TD><TD width=517 bgColor=#00ff00>71g ( with motor)
</TD></TR><TR vAlign=top><TD width=133 bgColor=#00ff00 height=5>Thrust
</TD><TD width=517 bgColor=#00ff00>680g / 1.5lbs ( flying weight)
Motor Specification
<TABLE borderColor=#000000 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width=545 border=1><COLGROUP><COL width=212><COL width=326><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD width=212 bgColor=#00ff00 height=10>Type
</TD><TD width=326 bgColor=#00ff00>2409H/7T
</TD></TR><TR vAlign=top><TD width=212 bgColor=#00ff00 height=7>Shaft size
</TD><TD width=326 bgColor=#00ff00>3.175mm
</TD></TR><TR vAlign=top><TD width=212 bgColor=#00ff00 height=6>KV
</TD><TD width=326 bgColor=#00ff00>5300kv
</TD></TR><TR vAlign=top><TD width=212 bgColor=#00ff00 height=6>Max drain current
</TD><TD width=326 bgColor=#00ff00>57A
</TD></TR><TR vAlign=top><TD width=212 bgColor=#00ff00 height=5>voltage
</TD><TD width=326 bgColor=#00ff00>11.1v ~ 14.8v(3s ~ 4s lipo

CHELLIE 09-10-2008 10:20 AM

Originally Posted by Larry3215 (Post 472718)
I like it!

But... wait a sec here... wheres the pink?

:D :D

The PINK is on the Way :p> :p> :p> LOL

CHELLIE 09-10-2008 10:42 AM

I was trying out the motor, and found out it does not like a 25Amp ESC, at 3/4 throttle it quits and gets hot after a short burst, Ok so I tried a 30 Amp ESC, same thing :D Ok proccess of elimination, I tried a 40 Amp ESC :ws: It Likes That Better :p> It get a little warm, so does the lipo at WOT, but, I dont think I will be running it at WOT for very long, just in short burst, as it puts out a lot of thrust, I was Amazed ::o I think I will have to be careful here, as to not tear off the wing :Q Yes you guessed it, I dont have a Wattmeter yet, its on Order :tc: its the Watts up meter, soon, as I do need it, this motor is really gulping the amps, I would not be surprised to see 600Watts :roll: Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-10-2008 11:32 AM

Originally Posted by 3Disaster (Post 472740)
Well I forfeit. I haven't even started yet you already have an EDF with 600 watts! :D
Seriously though, it looks great. Will you hvae any plans when you finish it?
Good luck,
Mike :)

Hi Mike and thank you for the complement :ws: yes i will draw up some plans when its done, its an easy build, the wing span is 30 inches the fuselage is about 20" I epoxied a piece of 1/8" X 1/4" x 18" basswood under the fuselage to give it some strength, and to act as a skid, its coming along nice, I will Maiden it this weekend, I hope everything goes well :D I can see that this jet is going to move Fast, the EDF has a lot of thrust to it ;-) take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-10-2008 10:02 PM

Originally Posted by John Seidelman (Post 472795)
And a Pink Plane on top and Gold on the bottom should be a pretty Gurly and visible color scheme. Ya Think?

Yes, Pink and gold do go good together :D I will have to try it, Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-10-2008 10:07 PM

Originally Posted by smokejohnson (Post 472755)
Lookin good Chellie :).

thank you James, I see you have taken on quite an undertaking, beautiful plane, I like it, Take care, Chellie

Originally Posted by Rabbitcreekok (Post 472886)
Glad to see you joining in the fun, Chellie. I look forward to seeing the jet fly faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast.:tc:

Me too Jim :ws: It should be fun, I am using the wing dimentions from my pink pusher jet, and made a fuselage for it with the rudder, it will be an interesting plane to fly, I just have to figure out where the CG is going to be at :D Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-11-2008 05:44 AM

Originally Posted by Dr Kiwi (Post 473287)
A 20C 1300 pack will not like 40A+! And if you want 600W you must use 4s. I imagine this motor might make a good immersion heater for your coffee after a run.

Hi Dr Kiwi :ws: yes I found that out :D I think I will have to use a 1800mah 20C 3 cell lipo at least that ;-) It does get hot real quick, 5300KV is a lot,
I dont think i will be able to fly it WOT, it has a lot of thrust, the Plane and motor just weigh 6 oz, I will check every thing with a watt meter, even the 40 amp ESC gets pretty Warm at WOT ::o new Watts up meter on Order, Yea :D , getting into these high amp consuming motors, has forced me into getting a wattmeter, where before I was able to use test charts on different motors, and have a good idea on amp usage, Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-11-2008 05:48 AM

Originally Posted by Larry3215 (Post 473429)
Im going to guess the cg wants to be near your spar - probably a little ways in front of it for good stability.

Are you going to have a separate horizontal stab/elevator up on the tail or is it going to be elevons? I'd guess you will have a little more leeway with the CG with a separate stab up on the tail.

On the other hand, you may have CG issues with the extra weight in the rear. Depends how heavy your packs are.

Hi Larry :ws: yes its going to be Elevons, I dont think I will be able to use my 1300mah 20C lipos, the EDF draws a lot of Amps, I think I will need a 1800mah 3 cell 20C lipo or more :) , Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-11-2008 06:05 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Hi Everyone :ws: here are a few more pics, I got a little more done, I added some 1/8" x 1/4" bass wood on the bottom, for strength and a skid, just needs the electronics installed, it weighs 6oz at this point ;-) Take care, Chellie

BTW I Trimed it in Pink, Because I know How Much Larry Likes Pink :D Just for you Larry :Q

CHELLIE 09-11-2008 06:10 AM

Originally Posted by John Seidelman (Post 473478)
It was used back in the late 50s early 60s on several custom cars and looked really nice.

I need to get some gold monokote trim tape, I only had silver, so I used it :ws: but gold would look very nice too, Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-11-2008 06:13 AM

Originally Posted by Larry3215 (Post 473506)
Looks great Chellie!

Thank You Larry :ws:

I changed my mind. I think the cg will need to be more froward - probably closer to the rear line on your canopy.

You should be able to use one of the CG calculators with that shape pretty easily. Id start at 20-25% MAC.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by John Seidelman (Post 473507)
Lookin' Real Nice Gurl

Thank You John :ws:

CHELLIE 09-11-2008 06:17 AM

Originally Posted by Larry3215 (Post 473506)
Looks great Chellie!

I changed my mind. I think the cg will need to be more froward - probably closer to the rear line on your canopy.

You should be able to use one of the CG calculators with that shape pretty easily. Id start at 20-25% MAC.

Good luck!

Yes I agree with you :ws: I will look at a CG calculator to get an Idea, Take care, Chellie

the wing is 30" L x 12" at center x 4" tip


CHELLIE 09-12-2008 10:22 AM

7 Attachment(s)
Its DONE, Yea, Just have to maiden it now, I had to use a 2250mah 20C 3cell lipo to get the CG, and I tried to make it as Slippery as possible for a profile Jet, notice the air deflectors on front of the lipo and the servos, I also tried to enclose the wiring as much as possible, with a cover. on the top of the wing from the nose to the wing, I added a piece of Bamboo, to help to give the nose some strength, it helped, just incase of a hard landing :D, I gave the EDF about 1 to 2 degrees of down thrust, as I found out that these flat wings, seem to like to have a little load on the wing, to help stabilize them, at faster speeds, the motor and esc seem to like the 2250mah 20C 3 cell, as the motor and ESC get very warm, but not hot, at least i can hold them in my hand ;-), maybe tomorrow i will give it a test flight ::o Yes I will have Butterflies in my stomach, every maiden flight, that seems to happen for some reason, Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-12-2008 11:31 AM

Testing testing testing
Hi :ws: Its me again :D Ok here is a little video of the testing that went on im my Work Shop, as you can see, this thing wants to Take Off, everything seems to be working Ok, Soooo, its Madien time ;-) Yea, here are a few Specs on the jet,

1. 55MM EDF , with a 5300kv outrunner
2. 2250mah 3 cell 20C lipo
3. 40 amp ESC
4. 2- HXT 9 gram servos
5. elevon mixer
6. Berg 4 channel receiver 4L
7. AUW 15.5oz
8. Wing span 30"
9. length 20"
10. wing 6mm depron
11. fuselage 9mm depron


CHELLIE 09-12-2008 11:28 PM

Originally Posted by Larry3215 (Post 474370)
Good luck Chellie!!!

Thank you Larry :ws:

Originally Posted by GreenAce92 (Post 474490)
Looks like she really wants to leap off that desk lol. Looks great! i love the graphics and the pink lol

Thank you GreenAce :ws:

CHELLIE 09-15-2008 12:43 AM

Maiden flight sweet
Hi Everyone :ws: It Flies Great :D Steve flew it, Ray Lanched it and I Videoed the flight, SWEET SWEET SWEET very solid flyer, its as fast as a Stryker, handels very well, and maked a nice screaming sound as it goes by :rolleyes: I am very happy with this little Jet, here is a video of its Maiden Flight, Enjoy, Chellie


CHELLIE 09-15-2008 01:38 AM

Originally Posted by GreenAce92 (Post 475379)
Looks hot!! Another nicely built plane!
Do you ever build anything that doesnt fly? lol
Great vid!

Thank You GreenAce :$ I have built some planes that are Ify, if they will fly or not, I have a triplane that I have not maiden yet, I think it might be a little on the Heavy side, but i am going to try to fly it anyway ::o if it does not fly, then it will just hang from the celing to collect dust ;-) Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-15-2008 02:02 AM

Originally Posted by GreenAce92 (Post 475401)
Well i mean 600wts/lb should get something off the ground lol
well thats what 3Disaster said about 600watts.

LOL I dont know if it puts out 600 watts or not, but the way it was eatting amp, I bet it up there :D I ordered a watts up meter, i really do need one, Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-15-2008 02:32 AM

Originally Posted by fr4nk1yn (Post 475416)
Oh now I see why you want to race for drinks (;
Very nice flyer you built. I was wondering the same as GA, all your planes just seem to fly.
Now mine on the other hand x:

Hi Frank :ws: Thank you for the Complement :ws: I have been Involved in Model Aviation for a long time & have learned a lot over the years, what I have learned goes into my builds, E Power is rather new to me, as I have been a nitro flyer for a long time, I am still learning E Power systems, and Having fun doing it :D Good Luck to you on your Build, and Lets Race soon for DRINKS :silly: Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-15-2008 03:23 AM

Originally Posted by Larry3215 (Post 475454)
Hi Chellie,

Congrats! A very successful build!

I tried to get some dopplar speed runs but the pilot kept waiting too long to get on the throttle and/or came off the throttle too soon or started the run in front of the camera instead of well before it.

You need to fire that guy! ;)

Towards the very end, one run looked to be in the 55 -60 mph range but I dont think it was full throttle. Plus your pack was running down by then.

Well done!

Thank you Larry :ws: Thats Quite a Complement coming from you :ws: the flying field was not all that big, so you have to get off the throttle quick, I will do a speed run at the fair grounds, its longer, and have you doppler it for me, thank you for trying, Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-15-2008 05:45 AM

Originally Posted by Rabbitcreekok (Post 475482)
That is a nice looking jet, Chellie. Glad to see it flies as nice as it looks.

Thank You Jim for the Complement :ws: It was a fun build, and it flys great, I am very happy with it, Take care, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-15-2008 11:57 PM

Originally Posted by herk_1 (Post 475696)
How did you secure the DF to the tail? Doesn't look like there's enough surface area on that edge of Depron to hold it securely with glue. I have lots of DF parts lying around and was thinking of cobbling something together...probably won't look that nice though...I'm thinking of a kind of Rube Goldberg contraption...

Hi herk :ws: I sanded the EDF housing here it meets the foam at and epoxied the EDF in place, the fuselage is 9MM foam, its thick, so there is a good bond there, i gave the EDF about 1 to 2 degrees of down thrust, THE EDF WILL POINT UP A BIT, to force the wing down, to load the wing a bit, I have found that a little down thrust on a flat foam wing , helps alot to stabilize a profile plane, if you dont have any 9MM foam, glue 2 pieces of 6MM depron together for the fuselage, hope that helps, Chellie

CHELLIE 09-16-2008 03:48 AM

Originally Posted by John Seidelman (Post 475852)
Just from my visual I was thinking the 60 area. And if she fires the camera guy she will have to become the pilot instead of camera person. I think she was a little scared to do the maiden. I can't wait to see what it will do wide open. Seems like it will scream.

It was Screaming great, I think I have to advance the timing on the ESC, it was sputtering a little at WOT, or maybe the fuel mixture was a little lean :D :D :D I let Steve fly it, because he is one of the best pilots in our group, and I wanted to Video the flight, the rifle stock works great in trying to video the plane, as you dont have to try to keep the plane in the view finder, just sight the camera, with the open sites, adjust the zoom, and aim with the open sites, here is a build on the rifle stock camera holder, take care, Chellie



CHELLIE 09-18-2008 06:26 AM

Originally Posted by RickAvery (Post 476947)
Very nice looking effort Chellie!! Congrats on the maiden!!


Thank you Rick :ws: it was fun watching it fly for the first time :D it sure makes a lot of noise too ;-) Take care, Chellie

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