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celticflyer 09-22-2008 02:04 AM

MiniMag Power setup
OK MiniMag lovers, Here's the problem or question. I'm looking for a way to mount an outrunner with little change. any ideas?

I've been flying mine with a Warp 4 but am unhappy with it.:mad: After about 30 flights i.e. batteries @ about 12 min. each I started burning of wires. Now I just trashed a new Powerup 32 amp from Headsup and I strongly suspect the motor. I'd like to try an outrunner but want the option of returning to an inrunner. ????

Bill Linske 10-03-2008 11:21 PM

I've built mine with the Multiplex power upgrade using the HiMax HB2815-2000 motor as supplied by Tower Hobby. It comes with a prop, Prop adaptor, a Multiplex BL-17 ESC and fits the motor mount provided. I recommend a bigger ESC, about 30A or larger. If you go to Multiplex's support website, it has a link to a motor calc utility. Stock setup with 17A ESC works well with the stock 5.5 x 4.4 prop. More than that you start pushing the ESC capacity. Actually, the MiniMag flys very well with the stock setup prop, 5.5 x4.5, and is very fast. It is twitchy on ailerons, but responds well, but that may be me. Also, I'm using a Electrifly 11.1V 2100 LiPo battery with about 10 to 20 minutes flying time using this setup. The HiMax is an inrunner motor, however, but performs very well. You might use it as a measure of comparison.

bajinuk 10-04-2008 02:57 AM

How about a Hyperion HP-P1913-10 outrunner. Outside diameter is 23.65mm; should fit in without having to alter mount. Mount screw diameter M2.5 @ 16mm spacing, weight is 47.5g and 1220Kv. 12A continuous current. Can get it from http://aircraft-world.com/default.asp

Bill Linske 10-04-2008 03:30 PM

Thank for suggestion
The HiMax HB2815-2000 is 250w inrunner motor and checking the Hperion out runner motor it is about 120 w. I'm not sure of the power of the outrunner Hyperion motor vs HiMax inrunner. Do you know? I realize we are talking apples and oranges, but since my inrunner HiMax HB2815-2000 at 250 W works so well and has more than adequate speed and performance, it seems to me that the 120 W motor might be light. I'm a mech engineer not a EE, so what do I know.

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