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solentlife 08-03-2020 12:39 PM

FrSky 4ch compatible Rx's
Particularly the 4ch $10 tiny short range and the Motive RC R8 long range Rx's.

These are of course ACCST format.

I bought 2 of the 4ch and 1 of the R8's ...... and had problems to bind with my 9x / 9xr radios ...

R8 : https://www.banggood.com/MOTIVE-RC-R...r_warehouse=CN

4ch : https://www.banggood.com/2_4G-4CH-Mi...r_warehouse=CN

They state they are compatible with D8 and D16 Tx's so I naturally assumed I would be happily using them without any hassle. Youtube reviews showed them to be very good ... the 4ch capable of over 500m and the R8 over 1500m. This is well over Parkfly and general needs ...

The 4ch needs you to decide which way round you want to solder the servo pins ... some like to have the servo plugs over the board making a square block .. others like to have plugs end on keeping the whole low profile.

I decided on the low profile so the 4ch can go on profile foamies and be near flush.

The R8 of course comes ready to connect.

Soldered up and my 9xr with er9x and DJT FrSky module selected for binding .... nothing happened. I tried all sorts of tricks in er9x and putting distance between Tx and Rx's ... none would bind at all. I tried another radio with V8JT .. same - nothing. I tried other DJT radios ... nothing.

Then another flyer on another forum mentioned his 9xr beeps when binding ... ?? Mine never does. Then I recalled years ago when I put a DJT into a radio - it beeped when set to Bind. But when I switched off Telemetry - it was silent. I don't use Telemetry - so that was the solution.
I switched to Telemetry on the DJT and Bingo - all bound instantly. The V8JT module being an earlier non telemetry module will not work with these.

The 4ch gives standard 1 : Ail 2: Ele ... 3: Thr ... 4: Rudd.

But the R8 had me struggling to find the ch slots ... in the end I found that on my er9x 9xr - Mix slots Ch 1 to Ch 4 did not command Ch 1 thru 4 on the RX ... it was from Tx slots Ch 5 onwards.
Once I had that sussed ............... I now have a great supply of FrSky Rx's I can buy at sensible budget prices and no need to think about new Tx's !!

I do have the UAV 4 in 1 Tx module coming though ... so that will give me extra avenues as well ....

Life is Good !!

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